“Amongst the Stars of Inequity and their Chaos Reavers, and the Alenic Depths’ Xeno monstrosities, there stands out a force truly evil, destructive, and dangerous. They call themselves Rogue Traders.” – Attributed to Kathrynn Chabrokta of the Secessionist Colonies of the Heathen Worlds

Welcome to the Expanse…
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, the Koronus Expanse awaits for those who have no chivalry, those who have no choice, and those who have no chance. Follow our intrepid Explorers as they make their mark on the Expanse and beyond. Fear the Psyker. Purge the Unclean. For the Emperor!

Welcome to Maptools…
In the grim darkness of adulthood, the Internet awaits for those who cannot travel, for those who have not have flexible schedules, and for those who cant afford expensive models and maps. Follow our intrepid players as they stumble through learning MapTools, and manage to cobble together a Rogue Trader game. Fear the Work Schedule. Purge the gas tanks. For Fun!

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Update August 31, 2013 – Notice of Hiatus
After Session 7.1 – Initial Defense of Damaris, this campaign is officially on hiatus. School started for two players (our mad Senechal, and our glorious Rogue Trader), as well as the GM working weekends and nights, preventing play for this group at this time. Mark my words – this is not the last you’ve seen of Dynasty Neral. They shall return, to fight the Disease and Death wrapped in Darkness and Silence.

Update August 5, 2015 – End of game
This campain shall never continue in practice. Neral is Dead, Long Live Neral. It’s spiritual successor is being run by me with a new set of players (mostly)

Disease and Death wrapped in Darkness and Silence (D&D wiDS)

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