Tools of the Trade

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Here be the property of the Neral Dynasty.


  • The Forsaken Queen, ancestral flagship of the Dynasty Neral.
  • The Marquis Lex, Previously warship of the Battlefleet Gothic, now new flagship of Dynasty Neral, bartered for by Isaak Neral.
  • The Penance of Iocanthos, The, once-lost ship reclaimed for the Imperium by Bronson Neral.


  • Altar-Templum-Calixis-Est-3, an Adeptus Mechanicus voidstation orbiting Furribundus, and near the other major voidstation installation Footfall.


  • The Svard System was colonized by Reginald Neral, decades ago. No further information on this colony remains.

Trade Agreements:

  • Dynasty Neral holds multiple trade routes and contracts in the Calixis Sector.
  • Bronson Neral salvaged the Emperor’s Bounty for the Dynasty, generating a great deal of wealth in ship components and materials
  • Bronson Neral recieved control of a trade route of minor xeno artifacts from Greggor the Dredge in exchange for the Psycharius Worm
  • Sarvus Quinn expertly took bribes from movers and shakers on Footfall, and lined the pockets of the Neral Dynasty quite heavily.
  • Isaak Neral recieved a trade deal with the Mechanicus Disciples of Thule Magos Traerch.
  • Isaak Neral looted and salvaged the profitable treasure ship “Righteous Path”, over the near-hulked hull of Haderaak Fel. They have yet to sell the location or loot.


  • Deathwatch Squad Altar 7 – 10 space marines, sworn to a century of service.
  • Arktephook’s Brood – Between 4000 and 6000 Kroot mercenaries. Sworn to Bronson Neral in exchange for food, transportation, and promise of combat.

Tools of the Trade

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