Session 6 Review

\\\Martek’s Log; Arrival at Damaris\\

The salvage operations went well, with one exception. The Captain examined the stasis pods, and decided to have them removed. Shame, the pods looked profitable. Of course, I believe in Isaak Neral, and this operation was a success.

My men and women aboard have worked ceaslessly to worship the Omnissiah (the Imperial way and the Cult Mechanicus way, evenly). Of course, this work could not have gone on without the loyal aid of my friend and confessor, Rolland Dia. As a gift to Our Benefactor, I have asked His Holiness to join the command crew of the Marquis Lex. Isaak’s acceptance of Rolland warms my heart, as he also represents myself and my followers well.

Isaak even offered to gift some of the more practical salvage to us, as a reward for loyal service. I ended up with a suit of Power Armour, Omnissiah be Praised. It will act as my symbol of service and loyalty.

Admiral Isaak Neral sought it just to aid the imperial colony of Damaris, when they plead for aid. I’ve heard of it – it was to be my Regiment’s final stop on the way to Zayth. Famed for prosperity, and free of the mutant and psyker blight. Truely, I must see this land for myself.

Upon arrival, I took the opportunity to prepare for their famed “Gila Banquet”, a fine event for nobility and trade partners of Damaris (of which I, through Isaak Neral, count myself among). I hear that Isaak Neral is vying for a leadership role in the protection of this colony, and I shall do what I can to aid him.

I arrived well before Isaak Neral, and had time to chat with Solaria Thrace about inconsequential things. Her work, mostly. She confirmed what I had heard about an uncommonly low number of Mutants and Psykers, which I myself am met with mixxed feelings. There is little good I can do for My people here.

When Isaak Neral arrived, I spoke with some local trade-barons, and they feared that the Imperial Navy had forsaken this world. Confused, I asked about the Navy officer… Luck? Locke? I forget her name. They say that other than her one ship, the Navy would send no others. I got a general sense of doom and gloom from the locals, which is unfortunate. My people could settle here and be happy, Ork’s be damned, but these sniveling colonists fear the Ork, and the Mutant, and the Psyker and the Xeno. How… petty.

The party adjourned, and I believe that the Admiral made enough social headway to take command of the Damaris defense. A victory for our cause. Omnissiah be Praised.

// End Log //

Session starts with the introduction of a terribly mutated Missionary by the name of Rolland Dia who was presented by Alec Martek as a weapon to use against the chaos cults the Players have been struggling against aboard their ship of late. While the last of the Salvage was pulled aboard, the Captain allowed each of his command officers to pick a single weapon or armour to use as their own, as a reward for their continued loyalty (and the promise of additional equipment as a reward for loyal service).

Of course, to revel in acquisition is a rare and often short venture – the Astropath delivered a distress signal to the nearby colony of Damaris, which reports an impending Ork fleet has targeted their peaceful system. Though four days pass aboard the fleet, they arrive four days before the distress signal has been sent through by means/mysteries of the Warp.

They arrive to see a friction-filled fleet hovering above the planet Damaris, with reports of a single Navy light-cruiser, “Aegis”, and four Rogue Trader ships (“Fel Hammer”, “Fel Hand”, “Ordained Destiny”, and “Starweaver”). Though they recognize the ever self-centered Fel name belonging to the family of Haderaak Fel and his Dynasty, they fail to name the Traders aboard the Ordained Destiny and the Starweaver. Seeing dissonance, they try to hail various ships, and are informed that commanding officers are on the ground at a great meeting.

They drop loaded for bear, bringing a pair of Thunderhawks, their Space Marine guard, and two of the four Hoovertanks they recently acquired and dropped to the planet. They were met by the Governor’s Aid, Jorun Alexandur, and were given a quick explanation of the situation; There is an impending Ork invasion and the major military representatives argue about who is in charge.

They are brought into the Chamber where a shouting match is in progress, and before introductions can be completed, another arguement breaks out. Let it be known Isaak Neral can shout with the best of them, and shot his digi-plasma demanding attention. Of course, everyone else also pulled their weapons, and the Governor, hoping to not have his palace destroyed by Orbital Bombardment, adjourned the meeting and invited the newest Rogue Traders (our Explorers) to a private meeting.

They learned that the Governor is a dilettante, and an Obscura addict (think Opium + Heroin, and can be smoked), but truely desires peace on Damaris. He offers Isaak Neral great profit if he invests heavily in Damaris’ defense, and when Isaak offered to lead control of these forces, the Governor all-to-willingly accepted, and even offered to help Isaak Neral take control of the situation by hosting an annual Gila Banquet, a casual gathering of nobles, trade partners, and other persons of power with influence on Damaris. This setting should allow the Neral Dynasty to meet and persuade the Powers that Be: Rogue Trader Elizabeth Orleans, representing the other Rogue Traders, Captain Sylvia Locke, representing the Imperial Navy garrison, and General Remi Dante, representing the Damaris Levy and Planetary Defense Force.

The Rogue Trader crew also meets a slew of other influential persons, such as Hadron Shard, Magos of “The Forge”, an installation just outside the city proper; Bishop Arint, the senile and sickly representative of the Church of Saint Drusus and the Ecclesiarchy; Astropath Stasys, the Governor’s personal Astropath and all-around downer; Jeramiah Blitz and Haderaak Fel, Rogue Traders; Marshal Solaria Thrace, Adeptus Arbites; and Commander Reynolds, Damaris Defense Flotilla.

While they manage to gain sway over all the major players, they fail to impress Astropath Stasys, the terrified psyker. Of course, that does not matter; when the Council convenes tomorrow, it’s Isaak Neral calling the shots.

And the preparation for the Invasion begins in earnest.