Session 5 Review

Session 5 began where session 4 left off, +3 weeks. Sarvus Quinn hired in some Jokaero early on, and they have repaired the damage to the Components (though not any hull dmg), and made a few “tinkerings” with the ship.

They also built a large voidshuttle in the Launch Bay, the “Angelus Gloriae”. The Captain disapproved, and sought buyers on Footfall. He found Jeramiah Blitz and the Kasbillica Mission, and offered to have the two bid against each other for it. Then he instructed Mordekai Hal and Gunther Scirocco to test-fly it. They found it warp-capable, with guns tough enough to overload a voidshield.

Needless to say, word got out about the test flight and more than the two contenders showed up for this “auction”. Greggor the Dredge, seemingly from no-where, showed great interest. The warp-capable super-small ship attracted the attention of a Renegade Navis Nobelite house. The Xeno craft was intriguing to the Magos Traerch, an Adeptus Mechanicus Magos located at the secret Mechanicus in the system at Altar-Templum-Calixus-Est-6.

While Jeramiah Blitz bowed out to the other major players bidded higher and higher. Eventually, four equivalently high bids were offered – a Navis Nobelite super-transport “homeship”, a Mechanicus research station, a truely staggering sum of flat cash and a suit of archeotech powerarmour, or a Cold-trade colony based on a dead alien empire’s homeworld. Each of these (except the Navis offer), also had a trade agreement offer of great value.

The Crew decided on the Mechanicus station, and then went on a shopping spree. Sarvus Quinn bought some slaves ( Adeptus Astartes, as it were), the Voidmaster and the Astropath purchased some ships for their woefully empty hangers, including some Thunderhawks for their new space marine friends and bombers for their enemies. They then disembarked with their newly refitted ship, still scarred from old wounds but combat ready none-the-less.

They find a stable jump point to the Magoros system, where an overly-confident Haderaak Fel and his firestorm frigate, the Fel Hand, have been searching the system for clues to the resting place of the Righteous Path. Above Magoros Primaris, dissatisfied with the boasts of the Rogue Trader, Admiral Neral ordered the firing of the Nova Cannon. Their target is immediately reeling from the blow, and makes for immediate departure. The speedy Marquis Lex in persuit, they relinquish their hold on the treasure, and ask for permission to leave. Neral allows them to… after he fires the Nova Cannon a second time, nearly destroying the vessal and critically damageing many of it’s systems including it’s voidshield.

Unopposed, the Marquis Lex examines the system. It finds the frozen jungle planet of Magoros Secundus, and it’s transmission of energies till Magoros Primaris, where the Space Marines they acquired pay off and take down some Orks, capturing their target – a member of Fel’s crew, the rogue psyker Lady Ashe.

Captured, she informs them she believes this “star mirror” structure on the planet is key to uncovering the mysteries of the Righteous Path. And indeed it is – Mordechai Hal views the maddening images and pictures, and sees the Righteous Path enter the system, and fall into the gravity of a large ice rock deep at the edges of the system, in the Shard Halo.

Making their way there, they are unopposed and lay claim to the Righteous Path. It’s here that they find the Treasure Ship’s Cargo, and a new age of prosperity begins for House Neral.

During salvage operations, Sarvus Quinn tries to approach his previous co-worker, Lady Ashe. He is rewarded with a mental reprogramming. The Librarian guarding the Psyker notices, and re-reprograms Quinn. His brain reeling from trauma, the Librarian is given permission to destroy Lady Ashe.

Sarvus Quinn is then investigated for mental trauma, and is sent to his quarters. When visited by the Techpriest, an accident involving a digimelta leaves the TechPriest also restricted to quarters.