Session 4 Review

Session 4: Old toys are the Best toys

June 09, 2013 17:34

+ Log Entry 12 +
+ Rear-Admiral Orbest Dray’s Personal Log +
+ Lord-captain of the Marquis Lex +
+ Date 100.875.M41 of the Neral Dynasty’s Benediction +

Lord-Captains should keep record of their important thoughts and insights for posterity, isn’t that right, remembrancer? [yes, I replied] Good. I was reading the work of your predecessor, the heretic Antonio DeLiccio. Despite his competence with his trade, he and his heretical brethren were purged from the Forsaken Queen. Remember that, remembrancer.

Right, so I’ll begin at the beginning. I was a lad borne into service of House Neral. I believe I’ve got a very (very) small quantity of the Dynasty’s Own blood in my veins, but far to little to hope to possess the Warrant. Instead, I’ve been sworn to duty in service of my distant kinsman, like Lord-Admiral Isaak Neral. Wait, don’t record that. He said he’d prefer to be called Captain. Captain Isaak Neral. Right, put that in there instead. [we’re still recording – the Omnissiah did not bless this servo-skull with an edit feature] Well, I’ll just have to start over.

I am Rear-Admiral Orbest Dray, newest commanding officer aboard the Marquis Lex. While the Navigator Farkaas guides us to Footfall, I’ve decided to record the events that lead to my coming from nothing to be given charge of such a remarkable ship. I was borne into service of House Neral, a loyal minor family in the Dynasty. My bloodline has served House Neral since the founding of the House, I believe. And our service is finally rewarded!

After spending decades on Port Wander, hiding information from our enemies, I finally got my message to the Bearer of the Warrent of Trade, Bronson Neral. While he did business, details of which can be found in Heretical Remembrancer Antonio DeLiccio’s logs, we discovered and purged a pleasure cult forming on the ‘Queen, of which said Remembrancer was a member. The traitor Jak Aubray, who created this cult, made his escape somehow. His power armour was empty, and I believe still lies on the ’Queen’s bridge. Shortly after, Bronson Neral died shortly thereafter, and Isaak Neral who, by rite of living, has become the inheritor of the Warrant of Trade, now leads our dynasty.

Lord Admmmm-I mean, Lord Captain Isaak Neral was brought up to speed on several things, including the quest for the Righteous Path (and the interference of Haderak Fel), the chaos cult, and so on. He also discovered the decommissioning of a mighty Mars Battlecruiser, which he had served on early in life. He acquired it from his old captain, [Lt. Kord points out that Luthor Kent is, in fact, an Admiral, but Rear-Admiral Orbest Dray ignores him] but was encouraged to sign a contract of assistance and allegiance with the Battlefleets Calixis and Gothic.

Still captaining his favored vessel, the Forsaken Queen, Isaak Neral promoted the poor but loyal Orbest Dray to commanding officer of the Marquis Lex. Even in it’s current state of disrepair, it is a mighty and venerable ship, and I am it’s master, second only to Isaak Neral.

Ave Imperator!

\ End Log \

Session 4
This session kicked off right where the previous one left off – Bronson and the Crew having a meeting about ‘teamwork’. Jak Aubray is excommunicated from the crew, to which he feels betrayed (especially by Sarvus Quinn, his old accomplice). The old Captain’s bionics exploded internally, from an old enemy of his (who gave him the implants), Isaak Neral, the outcast scion of the Neral Dynasty. The new captain purges the Cult (only half were on-board during the purge), with help from Martek’s mutants and the vast number of Kroot hired by the previous captain. Purge complete, the Captain then talks to one of his old commanding officers from his time in the Navy, and manages to sign a contract which gives his dynasty an old, out-of-repair Battlecruiser, the Marquis Lex. But at what cost?