Session 3 Review

+ Log Entry 12 +
+ Witness Antonio DeLiccio +
+ Adept Remembrancer Minoris aboard the Forsaken Queen +
+ Date 79.875.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium +

Previous log entry was mostly me rejoicing at the birth of my children, and lamenting the loss of my children to work as slave-labour aboard the Penance of Iocanthos, the damned transport of Martek and his Mutants.

This week, I must admit, was far more exciting for the Crew than the previous week. Betrayal, foul Xenos, a rumored Inquisitorial Stormtrooper, and more. Even now, the fates of much of the crew, and perhaps even myself, hang in the balance. But I get ahead of myself. If this is my last journal, than I shall do my work proudly and in the name of the God Emperor.

We sent our navigator and a workforce of children aboard the Penance of Iocanthos. How we made the warp transition without the Navigator, and with such speed, I shall never know. Perhaps the universe itself moves around us, instead of we through it. In any case, as soon as the transfer was done, the Penance of Iocanthos jumped into the warp, and the Forsaken Queen was, quite suddenly, at Port Wander. It feels like each time I turn my eyes away from the window I’m missing something amazing, but that is a rant for another time. For I doubled duty as the recordant of the salvage operation, with my esteemed colleague from the House Neral Warehouse on Port Wander. As I recorded and marked each shipping crate, I witnessed many a strange thing. The Rogue Traders were approached by a beggar in rags, then they intelligently shooed him off. Good riddance! The God Emperor lifts those who lift themselves!

The Beggar, Orbust Dray, did not concern me yet. What did concern me is that a squad of Imperial Navy Armsmen came about to collect a tax. Before the captain could order it, I began preparing it. When I returned, I found five terribly dead imperial armsmen splattered and scorched against the deck of the docking bay. Meanwhile, a flock (or band? or roost? Must look into imperial plurals) of Kroot Mercenaries made their way onto the ship. When I notified the House Guard, they informed me that all is as intended. Further, a PARTICULARLY foreboding Psyker made (presumably “HIS”) way on board, causing no end of questions about what happened to the previous Astropath. Meanwhile, the command crew was no-where to be found.

When the Captain and his Explorers returned to the ship, I couldn’t help but notice that the Captain had a Psyber Raven stuffed down his shirt, and had a weaselly little man in tow, whom I later identified as notorious Cold Trader, Greggor the Dredge.

Where the Psyber Raven came from, I shall never know. Where Greggor the Dredge came from, I’ll never want to.

At any rate, the salvage removal went smoothly, then I bought a whole case of Amsac from the Bar and moved to the Great Hall, where the officers dine. I passed Greggor the Dredge clutching the vile Xeno Artifact in his hands, eyeing it carefully but holding it close.

After my meal, but before I could leave the Great Hall, I heard the doors close shut. This only happens normally during hostile boarding actions. Instinctively, I go for my autopistol, but I look over and see the Lord Captain, Bronson, had pushed the emergency lock on the Great Hall. Nobody comes in, Nobody gets out.

Bronson looked to his Senechal, and stated “You had a good shot, but you lost it. Now, face your punishment like a noble! Raise your arm!”

The Senechal calmly lift his right arm, and Bronson, power fist activated, rested his hand on the poor Senechal’s shoulders. Like a hot knife through butter, the arm came off. The Captain takes it, but then is fired on by his Tech-priest! Bronson takes many a’painful hit of bolter shells, but remains standing and eerily calm. “I think tensions are a bit high right now. Go chill, and stay away from each other!”

The Captain opens the Great Hall, and the crew promptly leaves. Sarvus is promptly taken to Medicae by Jak Aubrey, and the Techpriest wanders the halls. The Captain is no-where to be seen for a whole week.

When he returned, Sarvus had regrown an arm (How, I will never know!), and the Captain called a meeting. Command crew, ONLY. I can only wonder what they discuss, but a sense of foreboding hangs over the Crew.

\ End Log \

Session 3
The third session involved the exposure of Jak Aubray’s pleasure cult, the exposure of Sarvus Quin’s Inquisitorial contacts (and his infiltration of Jak Aubray’s cult), the full exposure of Bronson’s murderous past, not to mention the hiring of some desperate Kroot, some mild shopping, and a full-scale ‘street war’ against what is revealed to be a gang who owes loyalty to an Inquisitor. They also meet Orbest Dray, as he gets some of his junk stolen by Lady Ashe (they got it back), and they meet Sarvus Quinn’s secret ex-employer (and hated foe); Haderaak Fel, all against the backdrop of a near-mutiny. Miraculously, they all ended this session alive, if on the edge of the knife.