Session 2 Review

Session 2: Dark Frontier

May 04, 2013 00:00

+ Log Entry 10 +
+ Witness Antonio DeLiccio +
+ Adept Remembrancer Minoris aboard the Forsaken Queen +
+ Date 65.875.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium +

Eight accursed weeks aboard the aptly-named Forsaken Queen. Each of my other log reports are full of blather about salvage, complaining about the Astropath that stalks the ship’s bar, and the pleasures I did not know where available on the ship at the Brothel. This week, however, the ship completed its salvage and has set course for Port Wander.

This time, I felt the warp transition. At first, I thought the ship was under a massive, cataclysmic attack, but then realized the ship’s windows were shuttered off, and I could feel the ship’s Geller field press against my skin. So, I told myself, this is what a Warp Transition is. I later found out that the shock of warp transit is not usually so stark, but the consequences of this travel resulted (somehow) in the death of the ship’s Astropath, at least one member of House Neral’s Guard forces, and a lack of power in the ships warp and plasma drives. Wherever it was we ended up, we were stuck there.

When the void-shutters finally opened, I wish they hadn’t. The immeasurable blackness of a dark planet against a dark sky… I felt a dread upon my soul I would not soon forget. I heard later, of course, that the ship’s command crew (minus the Captain, who secluded himself so that he could further study this Xeno artifact), explored the system by guncutter.

A Space Hulk drew their attention first, but they found it abandoned and dangerously unstable. They did manage to set it on a sharp, lower orbit near the planet, but apparently the planet’s dark guardians were able to destroy it over the next few days. Rumor has it the ship’s Voidmaster found new guns for his favor’d Valkerie Dropship.

There was a stranded Imperial transport stranded closer to the planet, however the command crew did not report what they found.

The Guncutter’s next stop was the only major planetary body that didnt reek of taint, a rogue moon caught in the dark planet’s abnormal gravity well. They apparently found a colony of Mutants, for suddenly all ships were working around the clock to bring the ship mutants, twits, and the unclean in droves. The ship was full to bursting, I say, with the Unclean! I tried to take my complaints to the captain, but he would not be disturbed.

At any rate, the extra crew was temporary – after a week of evacuations, the Forsaken Queen maneuvered into dock with the Transport, known as the Pennance of Iocanthos. The Mutants left the ‘Queen to take the transport, I later found out, in exchange for loyalty to the Captain, Bronson. I suppose using the Unclean to the benefit of the God Emperor is permissible, but this is certainly pushing the limit of this Remembrancer’s tolerances.

The Command Crew then takes a Void Warhead (Where in the Emperor’s named did they get that?!) to deploy like a bomb to the planet’s surface, to an identified set of Crystal Spires that seemed to prevent the ship from Warp Travel. After the Dark Planet’s bombing, the repairs of the Penance of Iocanthos began using the extra salvage from the Emperor’s Bounty.

/ End Log /

Session 2
The second session resulted in the death of the ship’s crazy, mutinous astropath (by accident, mind you), the acquiring of a Goliath class factory transport “the Penance of Iocanthos”, and the rest of the crew becoming terrified and suspicious of their captain, Bronson, who they learn has another title: Noble Killer. This was, of course, set against the backdrop of the Dark Frontier adventure, which they decided to transport Martek’s mutant colony to the transport, resulting in some pent-up aggression to those snotty, close-minded priests being released in the form of complete annihilation.

Revealed Secrets

The Brotherhood of Pelor, a minor Ecclesiastical cult, was killed by Mutants, Jak Aubray, and Mordekai Hal in an attempt to bring the Penance of Iocanthos into service of the Neral Dynasty.

Jak Aubray creates a Pleasure Cult based around a Brothel. This is granted a minor blessing of fertility by Slaanesh, resulting in births of octuplets by the dozens, and rendering the most powerful contraceptive drugs and neutering fruitless… or fruitful, as the case may be.

Sarvus Quinn, the Senechal, requested a mutant bodyguard. He received an abomination with a bloodlust named Varsoom, who resembles a large, man-eating slug with monstrous, poisonous tusks.

There have been a number of mysterious killings on-board the Queen. In addition to Varsoom, the new mutant bodyguard of Sarvus Quinn, Jak Aubray’s Dark Pact forced him to eat fresh, raw meat. He found that the numerous crewmen made a most delicious choice. The bodies have been collected by the Techpriest to create a following of servoskulls.

The Captain did eventually meet Martek, who asked for a masterful spy to assist in rooting out mutineers and seditionists onboard. He recieved Slick, a sneaky mutant.