Session 1 Review

Official Log Entry:
A new Crew, an old Ship

February 01, 2013 22:00

+ Log Entry 1 +
+ Witness Antonio DeLiccio +
+ Adept Remembrancer Minoris aboard the Forsaken Queen +
+ Date: 001.875.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium +

As with all doomed endeavors, it started with much pomp and circumstance. A grand party, hosted by none other than the Deputy Planetary Governor Achilles Matedor of the hive-world Scintillia. A full week’s worth of celebration and prayer in the capitol city. I myself missed most of it – I was aboard the Forsaken Queen, after it’s century of disuse, fixing this poor excuse for a room into an acceptable remembrancer office. I heard rumor that the old, ailing Lady Neral herself made an appearance shortly before retiring with the new Command Crew, each of which are persona-non-grata in the public eye, despite the celebration. Rumor has it that she was desperate enough to call upon the service of the Noble Killer, and that he will serve as a member of the Command Crew for the Dynasty’s last ship. Emperor preserve us if it is true.

But I move ahead of myself. The ship, the Forsaken Queen, once the Queen of the Omnissiah, is more than two thousand years old, having been finished about the time of the Drusian Crusade in Sector Calixis. The very first Lathe-pattern Monitor Cruiser, before the Lathe worlds were named and liberated. But it’s history is cursed – Many a captain suffered from dark fates and unprofitable ventures. Hundreds of captains and crews over two millennia. It was retired by the Mechanicus and was granted to a fledgling dynasty called Neral, who’s fate was just as poor. After acquiring the ship, their once rising dynasty started to crumble. What was once their cherrished flagship was retired and set to stay in dock for more than a century, and is just now being returned to service.

The newest command crew does deserve a naming. The noble Captain, whom I did meet briefly at the airlock as part of the rechristening ceremony, was a strong, well-spoken man named Bronson, and the heir-apparent of the Neral Dynasty. His right-hand, a noble senechal by the name of Sarvus Quinn, is reported a pious man, despite his fond love of amsac (and reputably worse substances). The Techpriest Mordechai Hal was picked up by the Dynasty from the world of Lathe during the ship’s refurbishment, or so I hear. Seems to be reclusive, but absolutely knowledgeable. He fixxed the rebellious machine spirit of this foul dataslate, for example. The ship’s chief Voidmaster, Gunther “Gunny” Scriocco is a competant voidsman, and has a reputation amongst the others of the crew as having earned his position. Jak Aubray, an Archmilitant mutant, is a wretched creature charged with protecting the ship’s Navigator, but has sworn loyalty to the Captain as well. How the command crew stands such an unclean creature in its midst baffles me. Sindri, the ship’s Astropath, has long been exiled for reasons unknown, and it is happenstance alone that he will again resume his duties.

The Captain, Bronson, set course for Port Wander this day. The very next day we arrived, seemingly without the Warp transition I so greatly feared. Peculiar indeed, but much more mundane that what is destined to happen.

It is said that the Captain had the ship’s only two Guncutters loaded for bear upon the Emperor’s Bounty, an abandoned ship deep within the Battlegrounds, a station of passage in the Maw between Sector Calixis and the Koronus Expanse. Troops and lifter servitors were loaded in, but the command crew did not join them – they had alternate travel arrangements via the ship’s Teleportarium, a holy relic aboard this accursed ship. It is said they discovered a possessed Navis Nobelite, using a Xeno artifact to power dark magiks. The command crew purged the heretic and began a profitable salvaging operation, including a Jovian-pattern Launchbay. It is thusly that the first endeavor of the Forsaken Queen was to be successful… but the Captain’s curiosity and unbridled greed may have damned us all, for the Xeno Artifact borne by the heretical Navigator was secretly brought aboard. May the God Emperor have mercy on our souls.

/End Log/

The genteel, well-spoken Rogue Trader, Bronson, who is completely unknown to the rest of the crew, is given a warrant, a ship, and a mission for salvage by Lady Neral, Matriarch of the Neral Dynasty.
The energetic, friendly Senechal, Sarvus Quin, is an annoying but useful individual who apparently has lots of friends in lots of places, though he too talks not about his past.
The quiet, thoughtful Exporator, Mordekai Hal, is a frustrating, contradictory individual but is peerless in the field of technical support, which summarizes the Mechanicus in general. He, too, keeps quiet about himself.
The loud, rambunctious ArchMilitant, Jak Aubray, is a heavily mutated but combat savvy creature, who proudly tells of his heritage on the world of Catachan.
The Voidmaster Gunther Scirocco is the ranking voidsman of the Forsaken Queen, and earned his title of ace pilot.

They are also accompanied by an amsac-addicted astropath with dubious goals and history called Sindre (NPC), and a rebellious, rude Navigator named Farkaas.

Session 1
The first session had the players run through Forsaken Bounty. Due to shenanigans, the Crew killed Orden, and maneuvered their ship, the Forsaken Queen, next to their salvaging target, the Emperor’s Bounty with hardly a fuss. At the end of this session, to spice things up with a boring character, I had one character approached by a Daemonette. They promptly signed a dark pact, and things are now unnecessarily interesting.

  • Revealed Secrets **
    Rogue Trader Bronson acquired the Sheaf of Papers, a plot hook for the “Race for the Dread Pearl” plotline
    Archmilitant Jak Aubray was approached by a Daemonette, who forged a Dark Pact to ensure Jak Aubray’s survival, so long as he serves Slaanesh.

Sarvus Quinn became fri*end*s with the ship’s mutinous, amsac-addicted astropath, Sindre. Poor Sindre. He pumped the Astropath for information about the Captain, Bronson.