Rumors Session 7

The Imperium has forsaken Damaris.

Servo Skulls – Worth dying for?

Hahahahahahaha! Isnt this FUN! No? Off with his head.

Captain Neral flushed some debris out the Airlocke. They say someone tried to retrieve it.

Martek seems to be getting in close with the command crew better than Kord. Wonder what his angle is.

They say that the new Missionary is terrifying to those who’s faith in the Emperor is weak.

The Imperial Navy has forsaken Damaris.

Damaris is a hub of trade. Where there’s money, there’s knowledge. I wonder what Damaris knows about Pilaf and Jak?

A bounty has been placed on Psykers – they must be captured alive.

The new Weapons and Armour have been refitted to fit Space Marines. How might they feel about such inferior heretical gear?

The Imperial Navy has not forsaken Damaris. Captain Locke Protects.

They say Damaris doesnt have many Psykers or Mutants. Then why did Martek make a trip down? Isn’t that his thing?

Sarvus Quinn did not meet with Greggor the Dredge. Why do you ask?

The silver trees weep blood.

Damaris will rise.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Are you Jak Aubray? No? WHY CANT I FIND HIM!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

The Forsaken Queen is running very smoothly. Must be the strong, military hand of Captain Kord. I hear he regularly chats with Farkaas.

Eldar, man. Fuck’em.

I wonder if Mordekai Hal can see thru those Servoskulls. Doesnt that one seem kinda twitchy?

The Emperor has forsaken Damaris.

Have you heard the tale of Jeramiah Blitz and the White Void-Kraken?

Where is Varsoom?

I heard the two Techpriests at the party had a deep conversation in their tech tongue. I wonder what they discussed?

Damaris is Doomed.

I swear, I’ll shoot the next servoskull that hovers over the table while I’m eating and talking. Get me that bounty.

The Emperor Protects. Listen to the heavily-mutated man!

Damaris will fall.