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Those listed here are touched by the influence of the resurgent Neral Dynasty.

  • The genteel, well-spoken Rogue Trader, Bronson, who is completely unknown to the rest of the crew, is given a warrant, a ship, and a mission for salvage by Lady Neral, Matriarch of the Neral Dynasty.
  • The energetic, friendly Senechal, Sarvus Quin, is an annoying but useful individual who apparently has lots of friends in lots of places, though he too talks not about his past.
  • The quiet, thoughtful Exporator, Mordekai Hal, is a frustrating, contradictory individual but is peerless in the field of technical support, which summarizes the Mechanicus in general. He, too, keeps quiet about himself.
  • The loud, rambunctious ArchMilitant, Jak Aubray, is a heavily mutated but combat savvy creature, who proudly tells of his heritage on the world of Catachan.
  • The Voidmaster Gunther Scirocco is the ranking voidsman of the Forsaken Queen, and earned his title of ace pilot.
  • The outcast Rogue Trader Isaak Neral became the lawfully recognized master of the Dynasty after his cousin Tiberius “Bronson” Neral had an unfortunate and untimely death. He currently captains the Dynasty’s newest flagship, the Marquis Lex
  • The pious Astropath, Allesunder Hayes, joined the crew as part of his Pilgramage to the Koronus Expanse
  • The tainted Missionary, Rolland Dia, was presented by Alec Martek to the command crew as a weapon against the chaos cults that have plagued the dynasty.
Notable NPCs
  • The amsac-addicted astropath with dubious goals and history, known only as Sindre, is the voice that shouts to the Warp.
  • The rude, rebellious Navigator, Mohinder Farkaas, is only alive due to his status as Navigator, and his death would give a black mark unto the responsible party.
  • The leader of mutants and scum, Alec Martek, joined the crew to captain the might transport and symbol of the Omnissiah, “”/campaigns/disease-and-death-wrapped-in-darkness-and-silence/items/penance-of-iocanthos-the" class=“wiki-content-link”>Penance of Iocanthos", and has served loyally.
  • The drifter and notorious Cold Trader, Greggor the Dredge, has been a some-time ally of Sarvus Quinn, and has brought both profit and danger to the crew.
  • The servant Orbest Dray joined the crew after long years spent in hiding aboard the station Port Wander, to protect a profitable secret of the dynasty.
  • The navy officer Lieutenant Wilheim Kord, long-time friend of Isaak Neral, serves the dynasty and his friend honorably, and currently commands the once-cursed vessel " Forsaken Queen".
  • The Vex Sisters Shaundra and Nora are navigators of House Vex, and were hired by Sarvus Quinn to guide the growing fleet through the empyrean.
  • The Jokaero Tribe of Three were given a place to tinker, free food, and a guarantee of safety in exchange for “not putting the crew in danger”. Thus far, both ends have been respected, though the crew sold the Jokaero’s amazing " Angelus Gloriae ", a small, fast, and powerful warp-capable voidcraft.
  • The austere and august Deathwatch Squad Altar 7 joined the crew when saved by Sarvus Quinn from a life of slavery and dishonor. In return for this second chance, Captain Jaro and his squad pledged a century of service to the Dynasty.
  • Of note, the mutant Varsoom was the bodyguard of Sarvus Quinn up until recently. The lack of action caused him to return to the Penance of Iocanthos and Alec Martek.
  • The Xeno Brood of Ark’tphook, the Kroot, has taken roost in one of the cargobays of the Forsaken Queen. Tolerated but not loved by Isaak Neral and Wilheim Kord.