In the Footsteps of Neral

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Scintillia, Capitol of Sector Calixis. Home to several of the noble- and hive-borne characters, a hive world and center of politics and trade. Lady Neral sent the crew on their way from here.

Port Wander, in the Rubicon II System in the Dreusus Marshes in Sector Calixis, near the Maw. Dynasty Neral owns several warehouses on the station for trade around the Dreusus Marshes and as a place to dump cargo from the Expanse. The crew met Orbust Dray, Ark’tphook, Lady Ashe, and Greggor the Dredge at this location. They sold the cargo of the Emperors Bounty here. They purged half of the Chaos Cult here (the other half is somewhere onboard the station… maybe). Jak Aubray left the party here. Isaak Neral became Rogue Trader here. The Marquis Lex was purchased here.

The Battleground, in the Maw. A station of passage. The Emperors Bounty was salvaged here.

Footfall – The crew met Jeramiah Blitz and the Kasbillica Mission here. They recruited the Nora Sisters, the Deathwatch squad, and the Jokaero Tribe here. They sold the Angelus Gloriae here.

Magoros – They met Haderak Fel here. They killed Lady Ashe here. They discovered the Righteous Path, and all the loot therein. They recieved a distress call from Damaris here.

Damaris – They met Elizabeth Orleans here. They were given control of the defenses of Damaris here. They fought Orks here. They found the [REDACTED] here.

In the Footsteps of Neral

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