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\\ 214.801.M41 \\
\\ From: Explorator [REDACTED] \\
\\ To: Rogue Trader [REDACTED] \\
\\ Subject: Review of the Machine Cult \\
\\ Transmission Begins \\

As requested, report begins.

Adeptus Mechanicus. High Gothic for Machine Cult. Followers of the Machine God, and His avatar in this world, the Omnissiah. Foolish Imperials call him God-Emperor. It pleases Him.

Machine Cult main objective; To gain understanding of the Machine God through His works. Secondary objective; purge the abominations (Machines with Soul, Machines of Vile Origin).

Adeptus Mechanicus operates independantly from Imperium. Maintains it’s own Forge Worlds outside of Imperial control. Imperium of Man is an ally of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and helps serve our ends.

Definition of Explorator; a Tech-Adept assigned to exploration duties. Primary objective; locate undiscovered works of the Machine God to have analyzed by Adeptus Mechanicus. Secondary objective; assist Rogue Traders in maintaining the works of the Machine God. Tertiary objective; expand the influence and knowledge of the Machine Cult.

Awaiting new orders.

\\ End Transmission \\

A Magos of the Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus is often considered a seperate, though inter-twined empire. The Imperium declares them the sole owner of technical knowledge, and provides them with a great deal of resources. In exchange, the Adeptus Mechanicus offers personnel and expertise in the discovery, manufacturing, and maintenance of all technology, ranging from data-slates and lasguns to starships and space stations.

The Machine Cult owns and maintains a number of worlds and installations, often called Forge Worlds, that are responsible for producing products on a scale the Imperium’s greatest hive-world would have difficulty matching.

The Machine Cult is the only acceptable competing religion to the Imperial Cult in the Imperium. They believe, among other things, that all knowledge comes from the Machine God, and that to become more like a machine (such as through Cybernetics) is the most noble and pious of duties.

Faction Adeptus Mechanicus

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