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\\ 310.801.M41 \\
\\ From: Astropath [REDACTED] \\
\\ To: Rogue Trader [REDACTED] \\
\\ Subject: For Your Eyes Only: The Adeptus Astra Telepathica \\
\\ Transmission Begins \\

Your curiosity, my love, always refreshes me. I received your note, you dirty old man. But I shall sate your mind once again.

At a young age, I suffered from… well, you know. To call it a traumatic event would be an understatement. My mind was broken, and that fueled my first Psykic backlash, and the first manifestation of my natural-born power. There were no survivors.

Of course, once I was found, and they determined what happened, the Black Ships took me. You know, I still have nightmares of the mind-wailing of the other “passengers”. It is a grim and long trip through the void from Utramar to Holy Terra.

Once our ship arrived, I was one of the few selected to transcend my mind, to become a tool of the Emperor instead of fuel for His Astronomicon. Decades of training later, my sweet, I emerged as I am now. They took the smallest speck of the Emperor’s soul, and washed mine clean with it. I am bound to He on Terra forever, and my loyalty to him outshines even my loyalty to you. With it, my mind can hear the psykic cries from a galaxy away, and I am protected by His will.

And there are many more, just like me. We are the Astropaths Trancendant. We are the Soulbound Psykers. We are power unlimited.

I await your return with great anticipation.

\\ End Transmission \\

The Adeptus Astra Telepathica is a school of Psykers. All other psykers are unclean and dangerous, and bring doom to all around them. The Adeptus Astra Telepathica are sanctioned psykers, protected from the entities of the Warp by the fragment of the God Emperor’s soul that is bound to them, and they to it.

With this great power, they can open their mind to the Warp in such a way as to send messages across the galaxy at speeds near-instantaneous. They make FTL communication possible, if only in symbolism and whispers, as opposed to sending massive data-streams and complex information. Their services are only employed for the most important messages, to the most important people. Otherwise, you’re wasting not only your own and the Astropath’s time, but also the time of the entire Imperium of Man.

Faction Adeptus Astra Telepathica

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