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\\ 981.802.M41 \\
\\ From: Inquisitor [REDACTED] \\
\\ To: Rogue Trader [REDACTED] \\
\\ Subject: Intelligence Reports – Adeptus Arbites \\
\\ Transmission Begins \\

My dearest friend, may the God Emperor’s light be forever lost to you.

For once, your request makes perfect sense. Knowing your… activities… you wish to know who might oppose you. When you break the God-Emperor’s Laws in the God-Emperor’s domain, not even I can properly protect you from the zealously perceptive Judges in the Adeptus Arbites.

While each planet has different ways of maintaining law and order, the Arbites are responsible for maintaining law and order on a much larger scale. When a hive-gang thug robs a helpless civilian, and the civilian requests aid from an Aribite, your average Arbite will have her executed for wasting that Judge’s time. And rightly so.

Arbites truly care about only a handful of things in Sector Calixis. They’re responsible for making sure the Planetary Governors get their tithes met on-time, stomp out heresy and secessionists, and clear confrontations between high-ranking members of major Imperial organizations,as well as keeping the Chartist Captains and Rogue Traders honest. They often due this through the most heavy-handed ways they can. Apart from the Inquisition itself, they’re the only organization who can legally request Exterminatus on an Imperial world.

As for your current problem… well. I’ve attached a dossier of Judge [Redacted] and his activities. Note the three lists, and how they’re more or less the same. If the God-Emperor owes you a favor, now’s the time to cash in, I’d say.

God Emperor protects. Well, not you. But in general.

\\ Attached: Dosier of the Adeptus Arbites of Sector Calixis \\
\\ Attached: Dossier of Judge [Redacted] \\
\\ Attached: List of criminals Judge [Redacted] has investigated \\
\\ Attached: List of criminals Judge [Redacted] has Judged and Found Wanting \\
\\ Attached: List of criminals Judge [Redacted] has passed a sentence of death to \\
\\ End Transmission \\

Faction Adeptus Arbites

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