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\\ 014.800.M41 \\
\\ From: Chartist Captain [REDACTED] \\
\\ To: Rogue Trader [REDACTED] \\
\\ Subject: A brief explanation of the Imperial Bureaucracy \\
\\ Transmission Begins \\

As requested.

The Adeptus Administratum, often just called the Administratum, is the massive Imperial bureaucracy. Entire worlds are devoted to the documents that they alone understand. There are countless individual offices of the Administratum, the most well-known being the Departmento Munitorum, responsible for managing war production, shipping, and delivery. They are responsible for implementing taxes, called Tithes, to each planet, as well as delivering needed supplies to such planets.

At it’s best, the Administratum is key to the survival of the Imperium, and is the organization with the most worldly political power. At it’s worst, it’s the burden that Imperial planets are required to bear, taxing planets to the breaking point, and failing to deliver needed supplies to critical locations.

As far as my personal interactions with the Administratum, they tell me what I need to pick up, and where it needs to go, basically forcing me to a narrow trade route. But, I’m sure you already knew that.

I just wanted to thank you again, for getting me out of that mess in Port Wander. I’ve attached the trade routes, as you requested, to this message. Knowing what you’ll be doing to my compatriots, I consider us even. Do not contact me again.

May profit find you.

\\ Attached: Trade routes between Port Wander and Footfall \\
\\ Attached: Trade routed between Footfall and Damaris \\
\\ Attached: Trade routes between Port Wander and Scintila \\
\\ End Transmission \\

The Adeptus Administratum is the Imperial Bureaucracy. It is responsible for taxation, trade routes, and production of all Imperial goods (ignoring the Adeptus Mechanicus’ contributions). Their worldly power waxes and wanes with each millenia, but is almost always considered one of the top two organizations in the Imperium, alongside the Ecclesiarchy.

The Administratum is a necessary evil – what the Inquisition does with Exterminatus and the Imperial Guard does with entire campaigns, a single adept can record information incorrectly, damning a world to a painful death of starvation and over-taxation. But if the Administratum did not exist, the Imperium would not exist, only a billion islands in the void, forever lost to one another.

Faction Adeptus Administratum

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