///System Name: Forsellis///

//Bodies Majoris: Damaris, Bulwark//
//Bodies Minoris: Ignus, Aestus, Aduro, Skadi, “The Frozen Reaches”//
//Governor Imperialis: Kapak, Belkan (unconfirmed by the Administratum)//

The Forsellis System (Visual Aid)

Damaris is an Imperial-aligned mining and agricultural colony in the Cauldron. It is a well known trading hub, exporter of raw materials and foodstuffs, and importer of refined goods and technologies.

The planet Damaris is a cool planet with large ice caps, but near the equator has a lush (though short) harvest season, providing food surplus. Also rich in mineral deposits for mining. It’s orbited by the hollowed-out moon “Bulwark”, which has been refitted to be heavily armed space station. It has three other, very small moons, of no note.

The star, Forsellis, is an enourmous, hot, blue star. It scoured the three nearest planets (Ignus, Aestus, Aduro, called the “Burning Ones” by the local voidfarers) clean of anything but the raw ores. The Forsellis system is quite easy to navigate, if you can exit warp transition inside of the thick Oort-cloud (called by the locals “The Frozen Reaches”).

The Frozen Reaches are unexplored, presumed uninhabited. Contain vast fields of ice and rock. Unconfirmed reports of a Jovian super-massive gas giant called “Skadi” by local voidsmen existing in these fields. No further information exists on-record.

Persons of Note:

Governor Belkan Kapak, Governor of Damaris
// Astropath Kevil Stasys, Governor’s Astropath
// Jorun Alexander, Governor’s Aid and liaison to the Players

General Remi Dante, Damaris PDF Commander
// Commander Orran Reynolds, ranking navy officer of the Damaris PDF
// Tech-priest Hadron Shard, ancient, ill-tempered Tech-Priest who lives on the outskirts of Damaris’ capital city.

Lord-captain Sylvia Locke, Calixis Imperial Navy attache to Damaris
// Lieutenant Onos Kass, First officer.
// Marshal Solaria Thrace, head of Damaris’ Law Enforcement, equivalent of the Adeptus Arbites.
// Bishop Mikael Arint, sickly and old Ecclesiarchy representative of the Church of Saint Drusus.

Lady Elizibeth Orleans, Rogue Trader of the Orleans Dynasty and Captain of the Starweaver. Dynasty Orleans
// Jeremiah Blitz, Rogue Trader and Captain of the “Ordained Destiny”, a trade Cruiser.
// Haderaak Fel, Rogue Trader and Captain of the “Fel Hammer”, a new Rogue Trader Battlecruiser. Dynasty Fel

Locations of Note:


Damaris – Colony world, mining and agricultural world.
Bulwark – Moon of Damaris
The Three Children – Moons Minoris of Damaris
The Burning Ones – Planets near the star of Forsellis
The Frozen Reaches – The thick Oort-cloud of ice and rock at the fringes of the system.
Skadi – mystical gas super giant supposedly hidden in the Frozen Reaches

Damaris, Planetside:

Enforcer Magistratum Fortress
Damaris City Walls – Plains West
Damaris City Walls – Forge North
Damaris City Walls – Main South
Damaris City Walls – Sphinx East
Daedelus Command Bunker and the Gubernatorial Palace
Outer Industrial Infrastructure
Outer Planetary Infrastructure
Inner Industrial Infrastructure
Inner Planetary Infrastructure
Sphinx Landing Starport
Levy Bunkers and Outposts
Levy Training Fields
Shard’s Forge
Shrine to Saint Drusus