Penance of Iocanthos, The

Goliath-class Factory Ship


Ship Name: The Penance of Iocanthos
Ownership: Dynasty Neral

Hull: Class:
Goliath Factory Ship Transport
Hull Stats
Hull Integrity: Armour: Speed: Maneuverability: Detection:
50 / 50 14 4 – 10 + 4
Space: Power: Crew Rating: Crew %: Morale:
5 / 40 5 / 53 20 100 / 100 100 / 100
Prow: Port: Starboard: Dorsal: Keel: Turret Rating: Voidshields:
X 1 1 1 X 1 1
Core Components
Auger Array: Bridge: Crew Quarters: Geller Field:
X-470 Ultimo Commerce Bridge Clan-kin Emergency Field
Life Sustainer: Plasma Drive: Void Shield: Warp Drive:
M-1.r Modified Lathe Class 1 Repulsor Shield Strelov

2x Ryza-pattern Plasma Batteries (One port, One starboard)
1x Staravar Laser Bacrobattery (Dorsal) (Archeotech)

Supplemental Components

Broadband Hymn Caster
Cloud Mining Facility
Main Cargo Hold
Main Cargo Hold
Temple-shrine to the God Emerpor
Tenebro Maze


Crew Rating: Poor (20)

Buffs / Debuffs

Machine Spirit Oddity: Rebellious
Past History: Emmissary of the Imperator – Martek gets +15 to intimidate, -5 to other social challenges

Ship Points Spent
Hull: 25
Essential: ?
Weapons: ?
Supplemental: ?
Upgrade: ?

External Appearance

The Penance of Iocanthos has gilded details in it’s hull, iconography to the Machine Cult and the Omnissiah. While she’s lighter on the armour than most Imperial (or Mechanicus) craft, she’s got plasma batteries and archeotech lasers bristling with energy and power. A slow, but angry beast of burden and worship.

Length Width Height
X m X m X m
Weight Density Age

Internal Appearance

The Penance of Iocanthos is masterfully crafted with interior statues, banners, and murals to the Omnissiah and the Machine God. It’s wide, open corridors are ideal for large trade-servitors and carts. The ship is luxurious and beautiful, in contrast to it’s crew of mutants and scum, lead by the so-called “Living Patron Saint of Mutants”, Alec Martek.

Known Locations

Cargo Holds
Temple-shrine to the Omnissiah

VIPs and NPCs
Alec Martek – Ship Captain
Shaundra Vex – Navigator Primaris
“Slick” – Mutant Expert Spy

Voidmen: Servitors: Xenos:


The Penance of Iocanthos is a Factory ship of Adeptus Mechanicus design. For reasons unknown, it was commanded by an Ecclesiarchy Imperial Cult, called the Brotherhood of Pelor. Thought lost months ago, it was “liberated” by the crew of Bronson the Noble-killer. After giving command of the ship to Martek, a leader of a colony of mutants and scum, they made their way to Port Wander.

The Penance is equipped for long range, perhaps eternal, operation, requiring only to return to port for repairs and personnel. She is well equipped with weapons for a transport vessal, but lacks the armour of a true warship. Slow, fragile, and heavily armed.

Penance of Iocanthos, The

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