Marquis Lex

Mars Battlecruiser


Ship Name: Marquis Lex
Ownership: Dynasty Neral

Hull: Class:
Mars Battlecruiser
Hull Stats
Hull Integrity: Armour: Speed: Maneuverability: Detection:
56 / 70 20 (24 Prow) 6 + 15 + 15
Space: Power: Crew Rating: Crew %: Morale:
2 / 59 6 / 94 40 95 / 100 95 / 101
Prow: Port: Starboard: Dorsal: Keel: Turret Rating: Voidshields:
1 2 2 1 X 2 3 (1)
Core Components
Auger Array: Bridge: Crew Quarters: Geller Field:
Deep Void Auger Fleet Flag Bridge Clan-kin Warpsbane
Life Sustainer: Plasma Drive: Void Shield: Warp Drive:
Clemency Modified Saturine Class 4A Modified Mars “Stalwart” Triple Voidshield (Jokaero Modified) Milosalv

2x Mars-pattern Launch Bays (One port, One starboard)
2x Hecutor-pattern Plasma Broadsides (One port, One starboard)
1x Hecutor-pattern Plasma Battery (Dorsal)
1x Mars-pattern Nova Cannon (Prow)

Supplemental Components

Armoured Prow
Drop Pod Launch bays
Extended Supply Vaults
Manufactorum (Jokaero Modified)
Medicae Deck
Munitorium (Jokaero Modified)
Teleportarium (Archeotech)
Warp Gate Map (Xenotech)


Crew Rating: Veteran (40)
Machine Oddity: Wrothful
Past History: Reliquary of Mars
Haste of the Damned: Reduce warp travel time by half.
Fleet Command: +10 Command tests on the Bridge, +5 to Maneuver tests to nearby allied vessels
Renowned Warship: +10 on interaction tests by the crew against those who know of this vessel’s history

Strike Craft

1 Full-strength Fury Interceptor Anti-fighter Sqauadron (30 ships)
1 Full-strength Starhawk Bomber anti-capitol squadron (15 ships)
1 Full-strength Thunderhawk Dropship squadron (10 ships)
1 Full-strength Chirpoteran Scout (30 ships)

Misc Vessals
1 Guncutter, 1 Valkerie, and 1 “Unidentified Flying Object”

Armed Forces

1 10 man Deathwatch Space Marine Squad

Buffs / Debuffs
Ship Points Spent

External Appearance

The mighty Marquis Lex still bears the markings and colours of Battlefleet Gothic – it’s bone-white shining prow has golden details, topped in a Golden Aquila. The hull’s adamantine was mixed with a green metal of unknown origin, and is largely unpainted in the military tradition.

Length Width Height
X m X m X m
Weight Density Age

Internal Appearance

Like most Mars battlecruisers, and unlike other classes of starship, the Marquis Lex is cramped. It forgoes the vaulted ceilings and wide corridors for cramped, twisting hallways and low-ceiling rooms. It is a true military ship, and forgoes the frills and luxuries associated with other, more spacious craft.

Known Locations

Launch Bays (Port, Starboard)

VIPs and NPCs

Orbest Dray – Current Commanding Officer
Nora Vex – Navigator Primaris
Lt. Kord – First Officer
Jokaero – Xeno Technologists who have been makeing repairs and modifications

Voidmen: Servitors: Xenos:


Origins and Christening

Tithed to the Battlefleet Gothic by the Cult of Mars itself, the words “Marquis Lex” were christened by an unknown Shipwright. Literally, from High Gothic, it means “Noble Analysis”, but it tends to take a meaning of a trial for the command crew, to find who is “Noble” and who is not.

Past Personages and Deeds

Captain Lutor Kent is the last known captain, having engaged in no less than 57 engagements, mostly against Orks and Eldar pirates, during the Gothic Wars, however managed to avoid the major engagements. The Marquis Lex holds the record in the Gothic Sector for the longest patrol (some one thousand plus days, a little over three years). The strenuous patrols and multiple engagements have earned her a title of respect, however she wears the scars of such strenuous use.

Current Captain and Crew

Previously captained (and then admiral’d) by Luther Kent of the Imperial Navy. The ship was sent to Port Wander with it’s battle group. The Battlegroup was heading into the Maw, for locations unknown, but the Marquis Lex was to be decommissioned at Port Wander. It retires a heroic ship of the Battlefleet Gothic.

Approached by Isaak Neral of the Neral Dynasty, the Admiral signed away his ship in exchange for services. The exact terms are short and sweet, in true military style, listed below.

“Effective immediately, the Mars-class Battlecruiser, Marquis Lex, is to be property of and captained by House Neral. This writ of ownership is in exchange for aid to be rendered, on-demand and without question, to Battlefleet Calixis and Battlefleet Gothic.”

The ship is well equipped, but poorly supplied. The Dynasty’s resources in restoring the Lex to it’s former glory will be an endeavor of great magnitude, but truely they cannot afford to waste such a prize, even if the costs be vague.