Forsaken Queen, The

Lathe Monitor Light Cruiser


Forsaken Queen – The Once-flagship of the Neral dynasty.

Ship Name: The Forsaken Queen
Ownership: Dynasty Neral

Hull: Class:
Lathe Monitor Ship Light Cruiser
Hull Stats
Hull Integrity: Armour: Speed: Maneuvrability: Detection:
59 / 59 20 5 + 15 + 22
*BS MOD for Weapons:* +10
Space: Power: Crew Rating: Crew %: Morale:
? / ? ? / ? 40 80 / 100 100 / 101
Prow: Port: Starboard: Dorsal: Keel: Turret Rating: Voidshields:
1 1 1 1 X 1 1
Core Components
Auger Array: Bridge: Crew Quarters: Geller Field:
M-201.B Auger Combat Bridge Voidsman Quarters Emergency Field
Life Sustainer: Plasma Drive: Void Shield: Warp Drive:
Clemency Modified Jovian 3 Repulsor Shield Miloslav H-616.b

Sunhammer Lance (Prow)
Jovian Missile Battery (Dorsal)
Jovian Launch Bay (Starboard) (1x Fury Interceptor Squadron, 50% strength)
Sunsear Las Broadside (Port)

Supplemental Components

Pilot’s Chamber


Crew Rating (Veteran, 40)

Buffs / Debuffs

+50 on Trade endeavors (Manufactorum)
+50 on Military endeavors (Barracks)

Ship Points Spent
Hull: ?
Essential: ?
Weapons: ?
Supplemental: ?
Upgrade: ?
Total: ???

Originally known as the Omnissiah’s Queen, this ship is the first Lathe-pattern ship ever built, before the liberation of the Lathe worlds. The ArchMagos Diomadies Lathe, the major Adeptus Mechanicus leader who took part in the Anglevian Crusade, designed, built, and flew this ship himself in the name of the Omnissiah.

After the Liberation of Lathe, he claimed those worlds as the dominion of the Omnissiah, and retired from fleet action. With that retiring, the ship was added to an ill-fated Explorator fleet, being the only ship recovered from an early attempt to locate the Koronus Expanse. It was considered tainted by the Mechanicus, and was “gifted” to a fledgling Rogue Trader dynasty called Neral, who also helped during the Anglevian Crusade.

The Ship seemingly had it’s fortunes reversed, and helped the young dynasty rise to prominence, until they desecrated the ship by hosting a vile Xeno device on-board, which allowed them to locate stable warp conduits, akin to the Eldar Webway, between systems. While the Dynasty continued on, failure after failure by the Flagship resulted in it’s eventual “Mothballing”, and it was stored in dock at the personal shipyard of the Neral dynasty.

As the Dynasty became more and more desperate, they refitted the ship to be reinstated as the Dynasty’s flagship. It was gifted to the newest bearer of the Neral Warrent of Trade, Bronson “The Noble Killer”, where it recently had a Jovian-pattern Launch Bay installed.

It is rumored to be ill-fated for all, but especially for Astropaths and other psykers.

27 – Starting PF (Calixis Investments)
+6 – Salvaging of the Emperor’s Bounty (Forsaken Bounty arc)
+2 – Selling of the “Psycharius Worm” to Greggor the Dredge, Cold Trader.
Current PF: 35

Forsaken Queen, The

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