Dynasty Neral

Masters of Fortune and Fame

Dynasty Name: Neral
Bearer of the Warrant Isaak Neral
Profit Factor Total: 47

Profit Factor Summery

Amount Source
27 Dynasty’s Calixis Investments (Initial Profit Factor)
6 Salvaging of the Emperor’s Bounty to the Dynasty (Forsaken Bounty)
2 Selling the Psycharius Worm to Greggor the Dredge in exchange for a trade route of lesser xeno artifacts. (Dark Frontier)
2 Bribes for the auction of the Angeleus Gloriae Xenotech ship
10 Selling of the Angeleus Gloriae Xenotech ship to the Mechanicus for a favorable trade route of manufactured technology to the world of Damaris.

Dynasty Holdings


Name Sub-Sector Sector
Svard Winterscale’s Realm Koronus Expanse


Name System Sub-Sector Sector
Altar-Templum-Calixis-Est-3 Furibundus The Maw Koronus Expanse


Name Size Hull Captain Location
Forsaken Queen L Cruiser Lathe Monitor Lt. Wilheim Kord Explorer’s Fleet
Penance of Iocanthos Transport Goliath Factory Alec Martek Explorer’s Fleet
Marquis Lex Battlecruiser Mars Isaak Neral Explorer’s Fleet


Name Leader Location Quantity Special
Ark’tphook’s Brood Ark’tphook Forsaken Queen Cargobays ~4,000 Kroot Mercenaries
Martek’s Survivors Alec Martek Penance of Iocanthos ~15,000 Mutants, Scum
Navy Voidsman Lt. Kord Marquis Lex 20,000 Old crew of the ’Lex
Deathwatch Squad Altar 7 Captain Jaro Marquis Lex 10 Saved from Slavery
The Vex Sisters Nora Vex Explorer’s Fleet 2 Navigators
Jokaero Tribe Unknown Marquis Lex 3 Xenos, Tech-savants

Previous Personelle

Name Reason for Departure Last seen Alive?
Neral, Tiberius “Bronson” Cousin Isaak did a physical Port Wander No
Aubray, Jak Heresy Port Wander Yes
Neral, Sarvus Suicide Furibundus System No
“Sindre” Powerfist in chest Warp, Forsaken Queen No
Wytchborne, Pilaf the Lost in Space Furibundus System Unknown
Neral, Azariah Lost in Space Furibundus System Unknown
Neral, Petunia Retired, now goes by Lady Neral Scintilla Yes


The Neral dynasty began sometime in late M38, shortly after the Anglevian Crusade was ended. For deeds long forgotten, the founder of the Neral dynasty is only remembered now as “Therese Neral”, and it is unknown to this day what gender the Founder was, let alone any details of their deeds or life.

Chartering the Warrant

The Founder was granted a Lathe-class Monitor Cruiser of good pedigree and a Warrant requiring intervention to increase the boundaries of the newborn Calixis Sector.

Rise of a Dynasty

It remained a small, but profitable dynasty until the days of Vedran Neral in mid M39. Vedran single-handedly assimilated several smaller noble families and Chartist Captains into the fold, and the Dynasty became a political force to be reckoned with in the outer subsectors of Sector Calixis. This golden age of exploration, exploitation and extermination ended later in M39 when Reginald Neral went into the Koronus Expanse with a colony fleet and a so-called “treasure map”… never to be seen or heard from again.

Fall of a Dynasty

Reginald Neral, claiming to have found proof of an ancient treasure, took much of the Neral Dynasty fleet into the Koronus Expanse in search of treasure. Over the next couple centuries, it became clear that Reginald Neral was lost to the Expanse. Driven to madness, his eldest son, Sarvus Neral, drove the last flagship of the Dynasty into a star, and his bloodline (including Isaak Neral, the next-in-line to the Dynasty’s leadership) became persona-non-grata in the Dynasty.

In desperation, the Dynasty turned to it’s outcast sons to take up the banner and last true ship of the Dynasty to reclaim what has been lost.

Dynasty Today

Isaak Neral took command of the Dynasty immediately after Tiberius “Bronson” Neral had an untimely death, and remains among the last sons of the Dynasty. Through some wonderful opportunity, and truely the smiling of the God Emperor, the Dynasty has flourished in the Expanse. In a few short months, the Dynasty has amassed gelt and respect from the Powers that Be in Footfall, and have discovered the long-lost treasure ship from the Anglevian Crusade, the Righteous Path, and looted its treasure. They now answer a call for aid by Damaris, a flourishing, imperial-aligned colony on the brink of doom. After taking control of the situation, they even now prepare for the defense of Damaris.