Mutant Abomination

Class: Mutant Aberration
Rank: 3
Elite Packages / Classes: Cybernetioc Junkie
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
47 39 56 55 42 27 33 29 27
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
30 / 30 1 / 1 0 5

Skills: Awareness (Per); Carouse (T); Decieve (Fel); Dodge (Ag); Interrogation (S); Intimidate (S); Search (Per); Scrutiny (Per);

Talents: Autosanguine; Basic Weapon Training (Uni); Heavy Weapon Training (Las); Crushing Blow; Swift Attack, Lightning Attack; Lightning Reflexes; Prosanguine; Jaded, Hatred (Ork)

Traits: Autostabilised; Brutal Charge; Crawler; Natural Armour (2); Natural Weapons (Tusks, Toxic); Size (Hulking); Unnatural Toughness (2), Unnatural Strength (2)

MIU Weapon Interface (Las-cannon)
Autostablizer Field;

(Ravaged Body) – (Remade by the warp – Rolled 4 additional Chaos mutations
Worm – Gains +5 wounds, crawler trait.
Clawed/Fanged – Gains Natural Weapon trait, (I or R Damage)
Venomous – Natural attacks Toxic
Hulking – Mutant gains Hulking – STR +10 ; +5 wounds
Corpulant – +5 wounds and Unatural Toughness trait
Tough Hide – Natural Armour 2 trait

Weapons: Las-cannon; Natural Weapon (Toxic);

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Death World Scavenger Tainted (Mutant) Hand of War Fortune Mysterious Origin

Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
12’8" Approx 1.5 Tonnes Man-eating Slug
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Pale Slimey Pulsing purple veins

Clothing Appearance:

What clothing?

Equipment Appearance:

A common-craft man-portable Las-cannon has been mounted to Varsoom’s shoulder, attached by Cybernetics of unknown craftsmanship or origin. He has no other equipment at this time, other than a heavily gnawed on Ork Choppa.


Varsoom is a dangerous creature. He survived on that dreaded moon longer than any other living soul. Rumors say that his existence on that moon changed him, and that he was once a normal human. Others say that he is not human at all, but some form of mutated Ork or other Xeno. Perhaps a void-slug of unusual size or intelligence. It is said he eats only raw flesh and power axes. These rumors none but Varsoom know to be true or false.

Perhaps we shall discuss the facts. Varsoom is a slug-like creature of large proportions, able to eat a Man whole (or several in smaller bites, see below). His pale, yellow-gray skin is blemished with pulsing, purple veins. His eyes are on stalks, above his ears and mouth. From that large mouth, two great, large (and sharp!) tusks, leaking a vile, acidic fluid. He wears only minimal clothing, and none are certain if he can still be called a “Man” anymore (if, indeed, he was one to begin with). Do not mistake his lack of armour for a lack of toughness. It is said he ate a power axe with it’s power field on. It’s said he’s eaten Imperial Guardsman and Orks alike. It’s said that he took a shot from a plasma cannon and was unphased.

Recently he was found to have taken down a 5 man squad of House Guardsmen, and eaten all but one and a half of them. The one that got away, ran.

Of course, the most recent development is during the trip to Port Wander. He went missing for several hours, and returned with a Lascannon mounted to his right shoulder. So many questions to ask, but Varsoom doesn’t answer – he plays dumb. Or is dumb. Who knows.