Sarvus Quinn

Senechal, "Master of Whispers"

Class: Seneschal
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: Glimpse From Beyond
XP Spent / Unspent 8,450 / 550
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
29 41 32 27 33 50 53 28 61
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
14 / 14 4 / 4 15 50

Awareness (Per); Barter (Fel); Charm (Fel); Commerce (Fel); Common Lore (Underworld); Deceive (Fel); Dodge (Ag); Evaluate (Int); Forbidden Lore (Xenos, Archeotech); Inquiry (Fel); Literacy(Int); Logic (Fel); Silent Move (Ag); Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Traders Cant) (Int); Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Int); Security (Int); Scrutiny (Per); Climb (Str); Performer (Story Telling); Tech-Use (Int)

Basic Weapon Training (Uni); Enemy (Rogue Trader(Haderaak Fel)); Peer (Academics, Ecclesiarchy, Government, Inquisition, Noble, Adeptus Mechanicus, The Insane), Pistol Weapon Training (Uni); Unremarkable; Sound Constitution (2); Iron Jaw

Seeker of Lore, Supremely Connected, Vendetta

Jokaero Modified Right Cybernetic Arm (Properties Unknown)

Feel No Pain

Mental Traumas:


Permanent Wounds:
Original Right Arm removed by Power Fist
New Right Arm removed by Power Axe

Best Craft Hellgun, Best Craft Hellpistol, Best Craft SECRET 1; Jokaero Modified Digi-melta, Unarmed Attack (Jokaero Modified Right Arm), Best Craft Cassius-pattern Power Chainsword

Light Power Armour
Best Craft Cassius-pattern Light Power Armour

Autoquil, Cameleoline Cloak, Multikey, Synskin Suit


Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Noble Borne ? ? ? Prestige X

XP Expenditures:

XP Spent / Remaining: 8450 / 550

4500 Base Character (Rank 1 Seneschal)

100 Char Adv: Fel (Simple)
100 Char Adv: Int (Simple)
100 Char Adv: Per (Simple)
250 Char Adv: Fel (Intermediate)
250 Char Adv: BS (Simple)
250 Char Adv: Per (Intermediate)

100 Skill: Awareness (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Charm (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Disguise (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Dodge (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Performer (Storytelling) (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Security (Rank 1 Seneschal)
100 Skill: Silent Move (Rank 1 Seneschal)

200 Skill: Scrutiny (Rank 2 Senechal)
100 Skill: Climb (Rank 2 Senechal)
200 Skill: Tech-Use (Rank 2 Seneschal)

200 Talent: Sound Constitution (Rank 1 Seneschal)
200 Talent: Sound Constitution (Rank 1 Seneschal)
200 Talent: Unremarkable (Rank 1 Seneschal)
200 Talent: Peer The Insane (From Beyond Advance)

200 Elite Advance: Choose a Mutation (Feel No Pain)


Personal Appearance

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Height: Weight: Build:
5’8" 165 Athletic
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Black Medium Thick and Wavy
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Caucasian Flawless – Few Scarring X

Clothing Appearance:
Sarvus wears clean noble style clothing, while in his chamber he prefers to lounge around and wear fine robes.

Equipment Appearance:
Sarvus keeps his melta digital weapon ring on his right middle finger at all times, with his best crafted hellgun and best crafted hell pistol close to his side.


Crewmen sitting around at a table in the bar begin discussing rumors about the command crew
Clouds of smoke fill the air while these men enjoy hefty mugs of Amsac and smoking cigars, then the name Sarvus Quinn is brought up…

What is known about Sarvus Quinn… The short answer? A noble of house Quinn on the hive world known as Scintilla of course…. The long answer? Ha- ha-haaa where do I begin…

From what I understand, aside from being born into the noble family Quinn of Scintilla, Sarvus had a yearning to get out into the void and make a name for himself and serve the god emperor in everything he does. I also know that he is no stranger to a good bottle of Amsac and tends to share Amsac with friends he is getting to know, but very rarely drinks with these friends. Also from what I can tell seems to have a way with words, whether it be altering the truth to fit his needs or convincing someone to have faith in him… Even being of born of a noble house I have noticed him mingling around the grub halls sharing a bottle of Amsac or two and having a couple laughs while he is at it… HERE HERE! The men raise their mugs in a toast

After completing his studies I believe he began working in the government on Scintilla, where I hear that Sarvus has made many high ranking friends within the Imperium and has worked with them on countless jobs and missions… Something about working with the rogue trader Haderaak Fel to make a smooth profit with a cold trader known as Greggor, and that in the heat of this deal with Greggor, a Lictor escaped from its cage and immediately attacked Sarvus. Sarvus then would quickly grab the nearest gun to him he could find and slay the disgusting beast, after everything had settle and the shipment of Xeno tech and Xeno life forms had been confiscated to parts unknown, Sarvus and Haderaak Fel would become enemies… Some say that Sarvus has haunting nightmares of this event to this day…

One rumor that is particularly interesting is his involvement with the church and possibly direct connections to the inquisition itself! Quiet pause among the men HAHAHAHAHAAA YA RIGHT! Sarvus may have connections in the Imperium and the church but surely not the inquisition… right?

The biggest rumor I have heard is that Sarvus tried pulling a mutiny on captain Bronson, that crazy son of a bitch used a digi weapon and tried blowing his goddamn face off… Sarvus Goddamn Quinn… has a nice ring to it. As punishment the captain burned his arm clean off just by holding it with the power fist power field on. And on top of that was violated with a broken chair leg, a excessively brutal punishment for him. But he has got some balls on him for standing up to the blood thirsty captain.

Sarvus Goddamn Quinn… Lets get that son of a bitch down here and get a this party started!

The men laugh and cheer loudly while raising their mugs showing they are ready for another round of Amsac