Mordechai Hal

Explorator Extraordinaire

Class: Explorator
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 8000 / 0
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
32 39 44 46 34 73 35 40 34
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
12 / 12 3 / 3 0 5


Basic Skills

  • Awareness (Per)
  • Dodge (Ag)
  • Logic (Int)

Advanced Skills

  • Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech, Koronous Expanse) (Int)
  • Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int)
  • Literacy (Int)
  • Secret Tongue (Tech)
  • Sleight of Hand (Ag)
  • Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Techna-lingua) (Int)
  • Tech-Use+10 (Int)
  • Trade (Armourer, Technomat) (Int)


  • Autosanguine
  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Enemy (Secret 1)
  • Ferric Lure
  • Logis Implant
  • Maglev Grace
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
  • Prosanguine
  • Sound Constitution (x1)
  • Technical Knock
  • Total Recall

*Mechanicus Implants

Permanent Wounds:


  • Electro-Graft
  • Electroo Inductors
  • Respirator Unit
  • Cyber-Mantle
  • Potentia Coil
  • Cranial Circuitry


Mental Traumas:



  • Best Craft Cassius-pattern Rail-assisted StormBolt Pistols
  • Boltgun-Locke
  • Power Axe (Mezoa)
  • Good Missile Launcher-Locke with Krak Missile (clips 1/3)

*Enforcer Light Carapace
*Best Craft Cassius-pattern Light Power Armour – AP8 All Locations, Built in Vox, Auspex, Chrono, Chameleoline Cloak, Preysense sight. Gives Unnatural Perception 2 and +10 STR

*Void Suit
*Injector (w/ Sacred Unguents)
*Uninstalled Baleful Eye
*Parts of Core Cogitator (Emperor’s Bounty)
*Melta Bombs x 10

Pets / Minions

  • Servo-Skull Familiar (Name Jeeves, Path Combat)
  • Servo-Skull Familiar (Name Bob, Path Combat, Note May Contain Glitches)
  • Servo-Skull Familiar (Name Steve, Path Unknown, Note Has Glitches)

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Forge World Scapegrace Free Thinker Press-ganged Endurance X

XP Expenditures:
XP Spent / Unspent: 8500 / 0
5000 Base Class (Techpriest)

100 Char Advance: Int (Simple)
250 Char Advance Int (Intermediate)
500 Char Advance Int (Trained)
250 Char Advance WP (Simple)
100 Char Advance T (Simple)
100 Char Advance S (Simple)

100 Skill: Awareness (Rank 1)
100 Skill: Secret Tongue (Tech) (Rank 1)
100 Skill: Trade (Armourer) (Rank 1)

200 Talent: Sound Constitution (1x) (Rank 1)
500 Talent: Mechadendrite Use (Utility) (Rank 1)
200 Talent: Autosanguine (Rank 1)

200 Skill: Tech-Use+10 (Rank 2)

200 Talent: Ferric Lure (Rank 2)
200 Talent: Prosanguine (Rank 2)
200 Talent: Technical Knock (Rank 2)
200 Talent: Total Recall (Rank 2)
500 Talent: Maglev Grace (Rank 2)


Personal Appearance

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Height: Weight: Build:
??? ??? ???
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
??? ??? ???
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
??? ??? ???

Clothing Appearance:

Equipment Appearance:


Mordekai Hal
A Back Story for the Ages

My name you ask? No name means much with out a tale to accompany it! No my name is something that means little to most but much to some… But who are you to ask? An inquisitive person is a dangerous risk, I should know, but come my story comes with a price. You are bound to a choice, for this choice may cost your life, just for knowing these things about me. But come I will not harm you! My story a many a year ago…

I was born on world capable of many mechanical wonders! The best word for the world is a forge. For it has crafted many a machine, I am sure most would be viewed as great accomplishments by the Omnissiah as well as the god-empire. Its name was Lathe. But shortly after my birth my life turned towards a darker path with the disappearance of my parents, I was 4 when this happened. This was a dark chapter of my life my memory holds very little of that time except that I was close to death many times. But a few years later I find a new chapter in my life with the introduction of wonder into my world. Technology what a wondrous thing! I was walking down an ally when I find a small cylinder like container. I pick it up what was this thing it was nothing like I had seen before. All it had was a button. Well what button should not have a purpose? So I pressed it! Well that was a bad choice for you see it was a flash grenade. But through that mistake I was introduced to a new world you see even in the darkest corners lies a bright flame of wonder! How did such a contraption work? What was it doing here? As you may guess the latter did not get answered but I would guess it was misplaced by a local gangster, probably a very unlucky fellow.

From that point I devoted my self to the new feeling I had uncovered. Soon I found my self on the steps of a Credo Omnissiah. This point of my life will not be shared, for you are not a member of my order. There are some secrets that are best left to others. But what I can tell you is that my order was not one to be on the best of terms with the rest of the world. Not that we did anything to harm others. *****Secret 1*****, but we stayed hidden in the labyrinth of Lathe. From when I joined we did that very well and I rose threw the ranks of my order. I was very, as you may say, happy with my life. But the hardships I had endured earlier in my life was nothing compared to what was ahead.

I was 19 at the time of our fall into oblivion. *****Secret 1***** My cell I was kept in had open do to a system failure. I began my escape, I made it out of the building without any relative trouble. But I did find it satisfactory that my captors had fallen to a hidden blade, I see them dead on the floor as I escaped. I had attempted to find my order with no success, if they lived they had moved, we had lost many assets on that night many weeks before. But my small victory was short lived, I soon found my self a slave of a criminal lord that at the time powerless to fight.

For the next few year of my life I had fix thing for him made weapons work better than before as well as the armor that protected them. But as I worked my hatred for confinement grew, I was a pawn with no candle to light the night. This would not last forever, I had once again found my self in a situation in which curiosity would lend a helping hand. To find another object that would be wondrous and it to had a button. But before I tell you what happened next perhaps I should tell you how I found this item. I was working on an unusual order to the past ones I had received. I was attempting to make a piece of armor, a model I had not seen in my life nor did I know its the origins of this armor, fit a human for function and eventually optimal use. Well in a hidden compartment I found this item, to be gifted with such a prize. The Omnissiah had once again guided a item to my guard that would save my life and free me from my prison. This truly was a message from the Omnissiah saying to follow the path of wonder and to find and discover new technology for all of mankind,*****Secret 2***** Now this item I had, as I mentioned before it was an object with a button. Well what else I was going to do? I pressed the button!! What happened next will be very hard to understand for many days. The item was a sort of auto-equip for a technology I had not seen in my life. It took a 10 minutes to integrate it into my already existing systems. *****Secret 2***** The Omnissiah had given me a truly wondrous gift!*****Secret 2***** But as you can see it would be a bad thing for me to be seen like this. So I learned to control it.

Well my gift had taken so much of my time I had forgotten about my orders and I was punished by my captors. But not soon after I had escaped once again! I had slowly been gathering parts for a rather spectacular bomb. When it was complete I had deployed it in my cell as I used a smaller charge to destroy my door. I had looted the bolt gun form the unfortunate guard assigned to my cell. Soon I found my self near the exit of the district. Then my bomb when off, destroying many facilities and launching the local area into a frenzied state. My bomb had been large enough to destroy a generator with a volatile tendency amplifying my bomb to a larger proportion. But my escape ran into a rocky patch, I had taken an exit that the crime lord that imprisoned me had choice to escape from. I felt a need to end his life and imprison his remains to a life of servitude. So I used my gift and my new found gun to do battle with him, he put up quite a fight. But ultimately I was the victor, and his skull was mine. He then was made into my servo skull Jeaves. He is a very loyal friend now and I don’t bear any ill feelings for my friend.

Within the year I had left my home world to travel the stars, to endure the hard ships that allow me to continue my quest that the Omnissiah had given me. I found few other artifacts worthy of note, and little knowledge that would be of use. I learn about Koronus Expance in hopes to go there to find new technology. Well that is my story so far, but as you can see my story was one of small believability. But my name… the thing you asked in the beginning. I will give you my name as a gift to the choice you now are left with. You are left with one that like I said in the beginning was one that could cost you your life. That choice is to hold your to silence or spread the tails of my life so far! For the story of my life, is one that the *****Secret 1***** truly wishes to remove from the fabric of history. You are charge with this burden, and as I promised my name is one you shall never forget…. My name is Mordekai Hal