Alec Martek

Mutant Messiah

Class: Mutant Messiah
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: Ship Captain
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
33 44 52 40 55 41 37 45 58
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
10 / 10 0 8 8

Skills: Awareness (Int); Carouse (Int); Charm (Fel) +10; Climb (S); Common Lore (Machine Cult, Mutant, Tech) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Heretic, Mutants), Deceive (Fel) + 10; Disguise (Fel); Inquiry (Fel) + 20; Interrogation (WP) + 20; Security (Ag) + 10;

Talents: Diehard, Flame Weapon Training; Melee Weapon Training (Uni, Primitive); Peer (Ecclesiarchy), Pistol Weapon Training (Uni); Sprint; Technical Knock, Peer (Mutants); Talented (Command)

Traits: Credo Omnissiah

Cybernetics: Poor quality Bionic Locomotion (Left Leg); Bionic Heart, Calculus Logi Upgrade

Permanent Wounds: Missing Leg (Left)

Weapons: Best Craft Hand-Flamer; Good Craft Powersword

Armour: Flack Jacket

Gear: Filtration Plugs; Void-Suit; Recoil Gloves; Dataslate


Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Forge World (JXM A18Z) Child of the Creed Zealot (Favoured of the Faithful) High Vendetta Prestige X

Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
5’10" 180 Athletic
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Gray/White 1" Wispy and Balding
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Caucasian / White, Flushed / Rosy Tough, Calloused X

Clothing Appearance: Martek wears a signature flak greatcoat, recently repaired and restored into service at port wander. He’s very attached to it. He wears no jewelry nor carries any symbol of captaincy, except for his writ of mastery granted by Dynasty Neral to it’s chosen servants.

Equipment Appearance: Martek has acquired and carefully maintained a hand flamer. He “inherited” a powersword from the previous captain of the ship, and wears it as both a symbol of office and a trophy of his victory.


Alec Martek, once Sublieutenant Alec Martek of the Imperial Guard, had a normal Guardsman life. He was recruited from his home world of JXM A18Z, a Forge World in the Calixis sector. He served mostly security detail for government officials, but when he failed his command and let his political sponsor die, he was shipped off into the Expanse for battlefields unknown. En route, the ship he was in was pulled out of the warp, and found itself damaged and failing above a dark planet and it’s Rogue Moon, caught in it’s uncommonly powerful gravity well. This, is where Martek truly became a leader.

One of the only survivors of his dark, hulked ship, he mananged to make his way to the wayward moon above the black Xeno planet. There he found other survivors. Xenos. Mutants. Psykers. Scum. A seemingly unending war for limited resources. He earned the loyalty of scum and mutants, and helped them purge the dread moon of the Psyker and the Xeno. With more resources at their disposal, they eked out a sustainable, if miserable, life, under the rule of their benefactor and leader, Martek.

Months later another ship made it’s way into the system. A vessel on a pilgrimage to some shrine within the expanse. Instead they found themselves in this Omnissiah Forsaken system, that Martek called Hell. With the influx of Imperial personelle, equipment, and most importantly food, Martek reached out by vox to the Penance of Iocanthos, and it’s crew, the Brotherhood of Pelor. He was rejected and shunned, for his keeping of company with scum and mutants and the unclean. His men, his followers, whom both they and he bled for the Imperium to claim this dread moon in the name of the Omnissiah, were rejected by these ignorant, illogical, hateful brotherhood of priests. He brooded, and waited for a sign from the Omnissiah.

Much time passed, and his colony began to fail. What resources there was liberated from the Purge was nearly spent. Martek was desperate. As he prayed to the Omnissiah for release from hell, he recieved vox-comms from a Valkerie class dropship, requesting to see the leader of the moon. Alec’s hope began to spark once again, and he told them of this place, of how it prevented travel through the immaterium. He told them of the salvaged torpedo warhead, and the energy crystal network on the Dark Planet. He told them of his desperate plan – to deploy the void-bomb at the largest of these crystals, in hope of disrupting the network. He pleaded for them to deliver him and his people from this hell.

Like an answered prayer, they promised to help. They delivered Martek and his colonists to the Penance of Iocanthos, where Martek and his men took their bloody revenge, and claimed their prize, the Goliath-class transport, as their own to fly under the dominion of their saviors, the Neral dynasty.