Jak Aubray

Archmilitant, previously bodyguard of Bronson


STATS are hidden in GM Only Secret. None shall know what he can yet do.


Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
7’0" 285 lbs Serpentine
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Chamealeon, Green Scaly Has spines on his back

Clothing Appearance: Traditionally wears a long coat when not in armour (which is admittedly rare). He wears no jewelry, and when in public has been known to wear a hat, mask, or cowl. He has numerous weapons on his person, and ammo to spare.

Equipment Appearance: He was previously known to wield a monosword and a hand-flamer. Both were lost with his power armour, when he escaped from the Crew.



Borne to the dangerous world of Catachan, Jak quickly learned the golden rule – If you kill it first, it cant kill you. He quickly grows into a vicious hunter. His exposure to particularly strange plants and creatures has mutated his appearance, and he now looks much like his favorite food – a lizard that camouflages itself to hide from predators.

Young Adulthood

He was hired at a young age to act as a guard for a Navis Nobelite named Mohinder Farkaas, who was forced to Catachan as a young boy against his will. While initially Mohinder despised Jak, he grew to tolerate then ignore the man.


He followed the Navis to the stars, eventually, and encountered his great hatred – Orks. He followed the Navis to the command bridge of the Forsaken Queen, where he was discovered by a Daemonettte and tempted down the Dark Path. When he was discovered by Sarvus Quinn, he was excommunicated from the command crew, the ship, and the Imperium as a Heretic.

He had a private conversation with Sarvus Quinn about betrayal, at what Sarvus thought was gunpoint. He has not been seen since.

Current Mindset and Goals

Current Activities are hidden in GM Secret. None shall know what he yet does.