Isaak "Saw-Bones" Neral

“Its disease and death wrapped in darkness and silence and I’m just starting to describe my ship”-

Class: Rogue Trader
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 8350 / 150
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
53 45 53 42 35 50 34 41 66
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
21 / 21 4 / 4 10 4

Skills: Awareness(Per), Charm(Fel), Chem-Use(Int), Command(Fel), Commerce(Fel), Common Lore: (Imperial Navy, Imperium)(Int), Dodge(Ag), Evaluate(Int),Forbidden Lore (Xenos)(Int),Intimidate(S),Literacy(Int), Medicae(Int), Navigation:Stellar(Int), Pilot: (Spacecraft)(Ag), Scholastic Lore: (Astromancy)(Int), Speak Language: (Battle Fleet War Cant, High and Low Gothic)(Int), Tech-Use(Int)

Talents:Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Bloodtracker, Exceptional Leader, Fearless, Iron Discipline, Iron Jaw, Melee Weapon Training (Univ), Officer on Deck, Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus),Pistol Weapon Training (Univ), Ship-Bound Fighter, Sound Constitution(x2) Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee).

Traits: Autosanguine,Unnatural Strength (x2)

Psychic Powers:

Subskin Armour- 2 Armour to the Arms, Body, and Legs locations.
Synthetic Muscle Grafts- +1 to their strength, Unnatural Strength(x2)
Vitae Supplacement– Autosanguine Talent, 50% chance of not dying, keep someone alive for 8 hours while critically wounded.
Voidskin- resist damage due to void exposure for and additional d10
3 rounds past the normal duration.

Feel No Pain

Mental Traumas:


Weapons:Best Craft Bolt Pistol (Ceres) With Organ-grinder Rounds & red-dot laser sight, Best Craft Power Fist (Mezoa),Digi-Plasma, Power-Sword(Mordian), Plasma Pistol(Ryza)

Armour:Light Power Armour (Best-Craft), Storm Trooper Carapace.

Gear: Micro-bead, void suit, set of Naval Officers clothing, Medkit.

Sheaf of Papers
Damaged Cyber Raven
Subskin Armour 3x

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Battlefleet Fringe Survivor (Heretek) Hunter (Bounty Hunter) Darkness (Dark Secret) Prestige X

XP Expendiatures:
4500 BaseXP

100 Char Advance: (INT) (Simple)
100 Char Advance:(WS) (Simple)
100 Char Advance:(Fel) (Simple)
100 Char Advance:(BS) (Simple)
500 Char Advance:(T) (Simple)
250 Char Advance (WS) (Intermediate)
250 Char Advance (Int) (Intermediate)
250 Char Advance (Fel) (Intermediate)

100 Skill Awareness
100 Skill Dodge
200 Skill Forbidden Lore (Xenos)

200 Talent: Ambidexterous
200 Talent: Iron Discipline
200 Talent: Sound Constitution(x2)
200 Talent: Two-Weapon Wielder


Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
5’,10"(1.8M) 175lbs.(70.4Kg) Average
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Dull Black & Greying 5in(12.7cm) Fingered comb-back Hair W/ Friendly Muttonchops
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Pale White Tough Slight Scarring & Neral House Symbol tattooed on R.Forearm

Clothing Appearance:

Equipment Appearance:


+Log: Cpt. Luther Kent
+Date: 190.856.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Marquis Lex, Battlefleet Gothic, Segmentum Obscurus

Midshipman Isaak Neral was assigned to the Marquis Lex this week. One of his family dynasty member’s paid quite a lot of money to the imperial navy to make sure he stays here in the Emperor’s Hammer: Imperial Navy. I’m hesitant on having a Rogue Trader dynasty member here on my ship they’re lazy and self-centered. I give this Midshipman a month before he is jumping ship and trying to get back to his family dynasty.

+Log: Cpt. Luther Kent
+Date: 64.858.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Marquis Lex, Battlefleet Gothic, Segmentum Obscurus

I would like to report that an earlier allocation I wrote on a crewmember is wrong. Midshipman Isaak Neral has worked exceptionally well. He has been part of my hunter scouting parties that jump from ship to ship and space stations hunting down imperial navy criminals. Recently one of my finest Lieutenants, Lt. Wilhelm Kord was heavily injured in one of these hunting missions. Astonishingly Neral was able to save Lt. Kord life. I’m promoting Neral to a Lieutenant and taking him off hunting parties to a full time medic.

+Log: Cpt. Luther Kent
+Date: 459.863.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Marquis Lex, Battlefleet Gothic, Segmentum Obscurus

Lt. Neral has been very dedicated to his responsibilities as a medic. Due to his experience here on this ship and his studies Lt. Neral is now be qualified as full ranking medical doctor. From these seven years I have seen this man grow into a good military officer, he has saw diseases that he could never imagine possible and the battle wounds from Orks and Eldar, also a few times a Deamonic encounter were indescribable this showed him what naval war looked like and showed him what real fear look like which turned him cold fearless and almost emotionless at times. News came from the inner ring of the Imperium, seems like Lt. Neral’s dynastys family member was sent to a penal world for Killing off a royal family. Neral has been trying to gain contact with his family. Lt. Neral has requested a transfer to a ship closer to home in hope to be able to gain a better chance for him to gain contact with his dynasty. I have permitted his transfer to Battlefleet Calixis where he will be serving on The Sirius under Captain Bartamous Falseer.

+Log: Cpt. Bartamous Falseer
+Date: 478.863.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Sirius, Battlefleet Calixis, Segmentum Obscurus

Today I got to meet the new transferee Lieutenant Isaak Neral. He is calm and collective and seems to be cold and emotionless but more than exceptional with his skills in medicea. He seems to be a good fit for my ship and I have been in need of a new Saw-Bones.

+Log: Cpt. Bartamous Falseer
+Date: 49.870.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+ The Sirius, Battlefleet Calixis, Segmentum Obscurus

The ship——[content deleted]—- from the inner ring of the Imperium cam to our vessel today. It had Admiral———-[content deleted]——— and -—[content deleted]——- aboard these are powerful people and they wanted Saw-Bones. What for I will never know but they asked for his service and being on the fringe of the Imperioum they felt was the safest place to be doing their new research. What research I was not even given this information but if --[content deleted]—- is here I know this is something big.

+Log: Cpt. Bartamous Falseer
+Date: 384.871.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Sirius, Battlefleet Calixis, Segmentum Obscurus

Its been 3 months since the—-[content deleted]—- left. I’m glad to have them gone they make me nervous and I’m glad to be able to see Bones without two body guards beside him. Bones must be a smart man if they came all the way out here for his aid or unfortunate enough to owe them.

+Log: Cpt. Bartamous Falseer
+Date: 42.872.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Sirius, Battlefleet Calixis, Segmentum Obscurus

We came in orbit with the space station -[content deleted]—- that is the forward base for -[content deleted]—- we came by the station and found it completely eradicated of life except for three survivors badly wounded from some sort of virus plague. On further investigation we found that -[content deleted]—- also had the same thing happen to it. The survivors were rushed to med bay and Saw-Bones did the best of his abilities to help them.

+Log: Cpt. Bartamous Falseer
+Date: 599.874.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+The Sirius, Battlefleet Calixis, Segmentum Obscurus

Things have been quite in this sector recently; nothing strange at all, except for Saw-Bones. Lt. Neral has requested a transfer to Port Wander for service as a station physician. This is out of the norm for the Doctor but maybe he has seen too much out here in the expanse and just needs breath, I will accept his request but I will miss him dearly he has become a friend to me in the last few years together, he even saved my life once or twice.

+Log: Lt. Issak Neral
+Date: 70.875.M41 of the Emperor’s Imperium
+Port Wander, Segmentum Obscurus

It has taken me 8 months but my waiting has paid off. I have found my family dynasty’s last ship the infamous Forsaken Queen and I have that criminally insane of a Captain of hers where I want him. It has been a good 19 years of service in the Imperial Navy but I must regain control of the Rogue Trader family Neral and take my birthright. The Imperium knows being out here on the fringe many officers are assassinated from shady figures, if I’m lucky they will think this if not I will surely be disciplined for what I am about to do. With my father gone and my family in serious ruin I cannot let Tiberius Neral be head of the house for it would surely be destroyed from him. I vowed I would not kill again but this man I will make the exception. I’m going to make a grand Dynasty but at what costs?

Isaak "Saw-Bones" Neral

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