Gunther Scirocco

Void-Master, Master of Void-Craft

Class: Voidmaster
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 8500 / 500
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
36 55 32 46 51 41 46 58 32
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
11 / 11 4 / 4 0 5

Skills: Awareness (Per); Common Lore (Imp Navy, War)(Int); Dodge (Ag); Drive (Ground); Forbidden Lore (Xeno)(Int); Intimidate (S); Navigation (Stellar)(Int); Pilot (Spacecraft, Flyer)(Ag)10; Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)(Int); Scrutiny(Per); Speak Language (L Gothic, Ship Dialect) (Int);

Talents: Armour of Contempt; Hatred (Psyker); Heavy Weapon Training (Exotic – Splinter Cannon); Light Sleeper; Melee Weapon Training (Uni)l Nerves of Steel, Pistol Weapon Training (Uni); Quick Draw; Paranoia; True Grit; Peer (Adeptus Mechanics)

Traits: Charmed; Master of Space; Shipwise; Void Accustomed;

Mental Traumas:


Weapons: Best Crafted Cassius Storm Bolt Pistol; Bolt Pistol (Garm); Power Sword; Splinter Cannon

Armour: Best Enforcer Light Carapace; Best Craft Cassius-pattern Power Armour

Gear: Micro-Bead; Void suit; Blessed Ship token; Re-Breather; Imperial Navy uniform; 2 bottles of amasec; Pict-Recorder; Vox-Caster

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Voidborn Stubbjack Duty Bound (To the Throne) Calamity Vengance X

XP Expenditures:
XP Spent Total: 8500
XP Remaining: 500
4500 Base Character

100 Char Advance: AG (Simple) (100)
250 Char Advance AG (Intermediate) (250)
100 Char Advance: BS (Simple) (100)
100 Char Advance: Will (Simple) (100)
250 Char Advance: Will (Intermediate) (250)
250 Char Advance Per (Simple) (250)
250 Char Advance T (Simple) (250)
500 Char Advance: Int (Simple) (500)

100 Skill: Drive:Ground (100) (Rank 1)
100 Skill: Awareness (100) (Rank 1)
100 Skill: Dodge (100) (Rank 1)

100 Talent: Exotic Weapon (Splinter Cannon) (Elite Advance)
200 Talent: Sound Constitution (Rank 1)
200 Talent: Sound Constitution (Rank 1)

200 Talent: Paranoia (Rank 2)
200 Talent: True Grit (Rank 2)
200 Skill: Pilot (Flyers) 10 (Rank 2)
200 Skill: Pilot (Space Craft) 10 (Rank 2)
200 Skill: Dodge +10 (Rank 2)
200 Skill: Scrutiny +10 (Rank 2)
200 Talent: Die Hard (Rank 2)


Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
6’3" 183 Semi-Muscular, more Athletic
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Light-Brown Short Crew-Cut Thick
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Caucasian Rough Two large scars across right eye, miracle he can still see and use

Clothing Appearance: Gunther prefers to keep and wear his armor at all times, even wearing his helmet. Though he does take it off when he’s officially “off-duty”, and when he does, he wears common clothing. His helmet has two large painted red scars on the right of the helmet, that matches the scaring on his actual face.

Equipment Appearance: Has a gun holster on his right thigh for his bolt pistol. The power-sword is on his right hip.


“Eh… What the hell do you want to know me for? Buy me a beer and I might tell ya a sob story… But since I don’t give two shits about what you want, I don’t give a fuck. If you really want to know, it’ll probably be this; I was born on the Forsaken Queen, and I’ll probably die on the Forsaken Queen. If you ain’t buying me a beer, piss off.” – Gunther responding to a fellow crewmate asking about his life.

Gunther Scirocco

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