Alessaunder Hayes

Astropath Extrordinaire

Class: Astropath
Rank: 2
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 7000 / 1500
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
25 40 25 45 45 42 50 65 30
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
12 / 12 3 / 3 0 7

Skills: Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Imperial Navy, Imperium) (Int), Dodge (Ag), Forbidden Lore (Psyker) (Int), Invocation (W), Literacy (Int), Medicae (Int), Pilot (Space Craft) (Ag), Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Archaic, Cryptology, Imperial Creed, Legend) (Int), Speak Language (Battlefleet Warcant, High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int), Tech-use (int)

Talents: Heightened Senses (Sound); Pistol Weapon Training (Universal); Psy Rating 2; Resistance (Psychic Techniques);

Traits: Soulbound (Emperor);

Psychic Powers: Astral Telepathy (Telepathy), Mind Link (Telepathy), Mind Probe (Telepathy), Force bolt (Telekinesis),

Mental Traumas:


Weapons: Best Craft Laspistol, Best-Craftsmanship Monosword, Best Craft Boltpistol w/ Organ Grinder rounds.

Armour: Guard Flak Armor, Conversion Field

Gear: Charm, void suit, micro-bead, psy-focus

Inventory: PsyberRaven (Dionysus-Pattern) (Unnatural Perception x2, PsyFocus, Flyer (2))

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Battlefleet In Service to the Throne (Tithed) Zealot (Unnerving Clarity) Darkness (Dark Secret) Knowledge (is life, life is Knowledge) Proven to be Pure

XP Expendiatures:

XP Spent / Unspent: 6500 / 500

4500 Base Character

350 In Service to the Throne (tithed) (Origin Path);
200 Darkness (Dark Secret) (Origin Path);
300 Knowledge is Life, Life is Knowledge (Origin Path);
400 Proven to be Pure (Origin Path);

100 Char Advance: Int (Simple)
100 Char Advance: Will (Simple)
250 Char Advance: Ag (Simple)
250 Char Advance: Per (Simple)
250 Char Advance: T (Simple)
100 Skill: Literacy (Rank 1 Astropath)
200 Skill: Dodge (Rank 1 Astropath)


Personal Appearance

Height: Weight: Build:
??? ??? ???
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
??? ??? ???
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
??? ??? ???

Clothing Appearance:

Equipment Appearance:


Alessaunder Hayes was born on the legendary ship Fist of Adamant (RT09 pg 55-58). It was in the bowels of that mighty and ancient Battleship where he grew up, shaping that which he would become. From the day he was born it was drilled into him there was no greater honor then to serve the Emperor, and that noble idea filled him daily with drive to learn how to better serve. As a young lad, he walked amongst the techpriests and cog-whisperers, learning the secrets of the venerable warship, but also learned a deep love of the void and its purpose in the Emperor’s Imperium.

This life of learning and passion was not to last long, however. Alessaunder was forever changed at the age of 14, after getting into a violent, bloody fist fight with another young cadet. It was at this time he first manifested his superhuman powers, and the boy was torn to shreds at the newly exposed Psyker’s rage. This bloodshed marked the end of his days aboard the Fist of Adamant, and the start of a long, dangerous path to the feet of the God-Emperor, to serve as an Imperial Psyker.

After a seeming eternity on the Blackship, Alessaunder was blessed with sight of Holy Terra, Holy Luna, and Holy Sol. It would be the last good sight his eyes would provide, a joyous moment to share with his long-time friend, mentor, and fellow Psyker, John Valaheim. It came as a surprise – that the older man, John Valaheim from his home ship, had also been taken by the Blackships. More surprising, and lucky too, that they were both selected by the Adepta Astra Telepathica to become trained as an Astropath.

Quickly, the friends were inducted into service with long, arduous days of practice, study, and scripture. During this time he learned more than just about psyker and scripture; he learned how to mend the body, mind, and souls of others, and how to bring blessed machine spirits into service. Each day was a challenge, but Alessaunder pressed on. He was determined to become a powerful servant of the God-Emperor. One day, a moment came that would give him this final chance to serve. It was a moment that would change everything in his life.

The Soul-biding. A ritual both secret and arcane, it takes a tiny fraction of the God Emperor’s own essence to wash through the soul of a potentia Astropath, purging that which is weak. Many die in the exposure, but Alesaunder was granted a holy vision. At the moment of the binding, Alessaunder caught a glimpse for but a moment of… something.

Alessaunder swears that during the binding, that he saw the Emperor, young and mighty, as though he just came from a great battle of the Crusades. During this divine vision, the living, breathing embodiment of the Imperium seemed to, in that fraction of a second, look and nod to Alessaunder, as though to say he knew of the faith within him. It is this moment that is burned in the blank eyes of Alessaunder. Allesaunder, through the pain of the Soulbiding, felt that he had the Emperor’s own blessing, and protection. In that moment, Alessaunder’s faith swelled, and he was encompassed with a fulfilling joy. He knew what he must do; he must bring the word of the God-Emperor to the dark places, and punish all those who would dare challenge his rule.

Vision still fresh in his mind, his superiors viewed his “personal vision” as somewhat undesirable and a sign of instability. With this mark of disfavor, he was sent to the far edges of the galaxy, to the distant and dangerous Calixis Sector, and beyond.

In the years that followed his visionary encounter with the Emperor, Alessaunder served aboard a variety of vessels (never planets or stations) beside his good friend John Valaheim. United, they witnessed much of the best and worst this ‘verse has to offer. Though through all his years of worship and travel, never had Alessaunder expected to be so tested as the day a vessel he served aboard had, for but a moment, a loss of power to its Gellar field.

Almost instantly, both Alessaunder and John were assaulted by daemons and malign spirity. The brutal assault left its mark upon Alessaunder’s mind and body, but the damage to his spirit was greatest – for he fell, if momentarily, into possession of the Daemon. During that dark, brief moment of struggle, the malign spirit took control of Alessaunder’s body and pushed his close friend, John Valahiem, back into the waiting rift in the Immaterium, and has not been heard of or seen since. Alessaunder quickly left the ship after that afraid of what the crew would think if they found out about what had happened and kill him thinking a demonic presence yet has sway of him.

Spending the next years of his life drifting, Alessaunder did his best to help those he found but always fearing the worst about his secret. Haunted in dreams, the memory of John Valaheim whispers to him yet, calling to him from the depths of the Immaterium to his long-lost friend. Sometimes he calls for vengeance, to have Alessaunder toss himself into the Immaterium. Other times, he speaks of treasures that await him, if only he reached to grab them. Always, however, John calls him to the Koronus Expanse, and Alessaunder hears the call. To this end Alessaunder looks to join a Rogue Trader crew, as they will go were most others would not.

Alessaunder Hayes

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