Disease and Death wrapped in Darkness and Silence (D&D wiDS)

Session Logs

Wait, what happened?

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Here’s where I’ll post (from the GM’s point of view) what’s going on. Secrets of the players will be maintained, so long as they are secret.

Session 1: A Bounty most Foul – When a simple task gets complicated.
Session 2: Dark Frontiers – In the depths of space, nobody can hear you facepalm.
Session 3: Port Wander, and other adventures – Mutiny and madness, selling artifacts and learning of treasure ships.
Session 4: Cleaning the Decks, Into the Maw – The New Captain purges the mistakes of the old crew, then sets sail with a new ship to Footfall.
Session 5: Fire the Big Guns! – Our intrepid explorers auction off a small ship, then rip Haderaak Fel a new one.
Session 6: There was a Party – the good Isaak Neral answers a plea for aid from the world of Damaris, and promptly makes some new friends and meets some old enemies.


George_Corser George_Corser

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